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Valheim Guide: How to beat Deathsquitos

Valheim Guide: How to beat Deathsquitos

There’s plenty of things than can kill you in Valheim, but none of them are as annoying – or difficult to kill – as the Deathsquito. Here’s our guide on how to kill these pesky flying creatures.

Valheim Guide: How to beat Deathsquitos

Despite all the upgrades and gear you get your hands on in Valheim, survival doesn't get any easier - quite the contrary. The formidable and unbearable giant mosquitoes await you on the Plains. They don't sting, they impale!

How to Deal with Deathsquitos

As you must have realized, Deathsquitos are real terrors of the heavens. We simply do not recommend that you venture into the plains until you are done with the mountains. Forge yourself a complete set of silver and wolfskin to greatly mitigate the damage and inflict more. A mosquito deals 60 damage per bite, and it's hard to avoid their attack without a well-timed dodge or a high-level shield. These damn critters will spot you from afar, and they love to attack from behind by surprise as a bonus. The worst is certainly that in case of death, they will camp your corpse, and it will be almost impossible to recover it without help or without using spare equipment. It is quite possible to die in a loop dozens of times trying to retrieve your equipment camped by mosquitoes. Note in passing that they are generally present in groups of two or three.


The best solution is to kill Deathsquitos with an arrow without being spotted. With a silver bow and stealthily approaching, it is possible to kill a Deathsquito in one hit. It must be said that their main weakness is their fragility.

On the other hand, if it has already spotted you, forget about the arrow. You can either give a big blow in front of you at the last moment to bring it down before being hit, or perform a shield parry to stun it and then kill it with one blow afterwards. It takes a bit of practice anyway. You can also try to block normally and follow up on an attack with a weapon with enough reach. Keep in mind that mosquitoes seek to attack from behind, so be prepared to turn and block when you hear their buzz.

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