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How to get Coins fast in Valheim

How to get Coins fast in Valheim

Once you've found Haldor the Merchant you'll realise you need Coins and lots of them — especially if you want to get the Megingjord belt. Here's our best tips on how to get Coins fast in Valheim

How to get Coins fast in Valheim

New discoveries await you in Valheim after defeating Eikthyr and heading into the Black Forest biome. 

You'll find buried treasures all over the place, which you can dig up with your newly crafted Antler Pickaxe; and the only merchant in Valheim — Haldor the Merchant. In order to purchase things from Haldor you'll need Coins. Here's out guide on the best way to get them. 

Items to Sell

Haldor will buy the following items from you:

  • Amber: 5 Coins
  • Amber Pearl: 10 Coins
  • Ruby: 20 Coins
  • Silver Necklace: 30 Coins

If you plan on purchasing everything Haldor has you'll need a total of 2,050 Coins

The results of around two hours of farming in the Meadows and Black Forest - Valheim
The results of around two hours of farming in the Meadows and Black Forest

Buried Under the Stones

Some treasures are buried under distinctive markers — rocks arranged in the shape of a boat. You'll find these in the Meadows biome.



You'll find the wrecks of Viking ships along the coast, or even large rivers. These usually contain a decent amount of valuable gems and Coins. You may need to dig a little deeper to get to the good stuff, though most of the chests will be found quite easily.


Abandoned Villages

While searching the Meadows, you will come across plenty of abandoned structures. Make sure to search them all as you may find Beehives which are a valuable resource, as well as other treasures. Repairing one of these abandoned houses will also be a good start for creating a base.


Stone Structures

If you come across Skeletons, there's bound to be a Stone Structure somewhere in the vicinity. Usually found in the Black Forest, these Skeletons are an easy fight. And the Stone Structures contain hidden treasures aplenty too — always check every nook and cranny!


Trolls and Troll Caves

Trolls are slow, lumbering creatures who will drop Coins when you beat them — and then make sure to explore their caves. You'll find chests containing Coins and gems which you can sell to Haldor. You'll see Skeletons hanging around the entrances to Troll Caves. 


Burial Chambers

Burial Chambers are the first dungeons you'll come across in Valheim. Explore these for treasures and Coins. 

These chambers are also the source of Surtling Cores which are required for your Forge. 

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