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Valheim Guide: Everything you need to know about crafting

Valheim: Complete Guide
Valheim Guide: Everything you need to know about crafting

From the various crafting workbenches to how to expand your construction possibilities, including numerous additional guides dedicated to the rarest resources and elements: welcome to this new chapter of our complete guide, dedicated to crafting in Valheim

Valheim Guide: Everything you need to know about crafting

These guides will explain all of basic aspects of crafting in Valheim — including a detailed explanation of how to collect new blueprints and many guides dedicated to more specific aspects of crafting in the game: between workshops and rare materials, there are has quite a few important items that will be necessary for your survival.

Crafting and farming in Valheim

If you've skimmed a few survival games in the past, you're bound to find Valheim very generous: the free repair of equipment and items is a blessing, while the costs for the various crafts present are ridiculously low. The crafting system naturally accompanies your progres.

Workbenches, annexes and improvements

Two ways of crafting, for two different types of crafting. The Hammer, which you unlock at the start of the game, will be used to "build" (furniture, walls, workshops), while the Workbench will be used to "manufacture" (ingots, weapons, tools). You have to distinguish between the two to navigate when a new plan is added to the list. Each craft workbench has its own list of blueprints to unlock, they also have annexes that will be used to increase their level. This is quite important, especially if you are going to upgrade your pieces of armor or weapons. Note that the basic Workbench can go be upgraded to a maximum of Level 5.

How to unlock new crafting recipes

Valheim still has a year of development ahead of him and a lot is likely to change between now and the end of the roadmap, with additions and balance changes. While waiting for things to stabilize, you will still be able to find many guides necessary for essential tools that will allow you to explore the 10th world more serenely.

Each new resource in your bag comes with a set of associated recipes. There are certainly some exceptions (such as Haldor's items) and each recipe falls into categories of items to be crafted on various workshops, but overall, and to change the age, you just have to skim your crafting list. by exploring and using new tools.

The search for minerals is important, and often necessary in order to progress to the next biome. This is something you will unlock by completing by defeating the first boss, Eikthyr.

Important resources

The acquisition of the components below will be a real turning point in your adventure and will unlock many additional recipes to be crafted with the Hammer and Workbenches.

Bronze Age: the game begins

Killing Eikthyr and being sufficiently equipped to search Burial Chambers will allow you to collect Sturling Hearts, necessary for crafting the Forge. And that's where it all starts — a lot of new features will appear: agriculture, foundry, alchemy. 

Taming animals in Valheim

Very quickly, you will be able to lock up wild boars and lox, and tame them by regularly throwing food at them for a few days. The enclosures are not expensive and the will save you a lot of time collecting resources: as soon as you land in a base camp, make this a priority. The consistent source of meat ,and especially pieces of leather that they drop, will save you time.

Don't neglect the Cauldron and potions

Once the nails are made and the boat is in the water, we are quickly tempted to set sail for new horizons. However, we recommend that you get interested in alchemy early on, which implies having enough thistles, dandelions and honey from beehives. The first preparations in the Cauldron will improve your statistics, it will also be necessary to pass them to the fermenter in order to craft you which will be vital to you in the swamps, in search of Bonemass.

How to farm Thistles and Dandelions

Dandelions and Thistles are more useful than you’d think. Here’s our guide on how to farm these plants and what to use them for.

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