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How to find Core Wood in Valheim

How to find Core Wood in Valheim

In this guide, find out how to obtain Core Wood along with its many uses.

How to find Core Wood in Valheim

Core Wood is the second tier of wood that can be obtained in Valheim.

It's relatively easy to find once you are able to get deep into the Black Forest without fear of fighting against the naingris and trolls that lurk there.

This is a resource that will earn you a lot of cool crafting blueprints for your workbench and new construction pieces for your buildings.

Where To Find Core Wood

This type of wood is found in the Black Forest biome, specifically on pines, but you don't need to have an advanced axe to harvest it.

The very first axe in the game does the trick. However, be warned! There are only a few units of Core Wood per tree. Stacks are limited to 50 units and each piece of wood will take 2 points out of your maximum capacity. If you want to farm it quietly, we recommend the belt sold by the merchant Haldor in exchange for a few hundred dollars.


Core Wood Uses

Obtaining Core Wood for the first time will grant you new crafting blueprints for many items that are quite important for events that take place later on in the game.

New construction and customization items will appear in the hammer possibilities list. The Stagbreaker is a two-handed hammer that deals AoE damage when it hits the ground.

Core Wood is also required to create a bronze pickaxe and the Finewood bow.



Finewood Bow

10x Fine Wood, 10x Core Wood, 2x Deer Hide


5x Core Wood, 5x Bronze

Bronze Pickaxe

3x Core Wood, 10x Bronze


20x Core Wood, 2x Leather Scraps, 5x Deer Trophy

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