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First Valheim esports tournament arrives, raising money for charity

First Valheim esports tournament arrives, raising money for charity

The first esports event for Valheim is a fact, as two teams will fight to raise money for AbleGamers.

First Valheim esports tournament arrives, raising money for charity

With Valheim, a newly released survival RPG set in the world of Vikings and Norse mythology, quickly rising in popularity, it was only a matter of time until competitive events would emerge. Enter 'Vikings of Legend', the first attempt at making an esport out of the latest hot video game.

On Saturday, March 6 at 10 PM CET / 4 PM ET, two teams of five players will load into a server to duke it out. After spending one hour quickly building a base with their respective teams, they'll be taking turns attacking and defending each other's bases, with the team that managed to destroy the other team's beds (spawn points) destroying first winning the competition.

The Vikings of Legends tournament isn't purely for fun, as it's part of a campaing to raise money for AbleGamers. AbleGamers is a charity organization that aims to help children with a disability to play video games by providing them with custom equipment suiting their needs, so they get to enjoy games the same way everyone else does.

Tom Matthiesen
Tom Matthiesen

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