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Valheim Guide: The different biomes, and what to expect

Valheim Guide: The different biomes, and what to expect
Current Biomes
  • Future Biomes

Valheim has a huge map made up of different biomes, each with its own unique terrain. Here’s our guide on the different biomes in Valheim, resources and bosses.

Valheim Guide: The different biomes, and what to expect

Each player receives a procedurally generated version of the Viking afterlife in Valheim — and though you will experience different layouts, you’ll wander through the same biomes.

Each of these comes with its own unique terrain, resources and potential bosses, among other things. Here’s our guide on what to expect.

List of Biomes

  • Meadows
  • Black Forest
  • Swamp
  • Mountains
  • Plains
  • Ocean
  • Mistlands (still in early development)
  • Deep North (still in early development)
  • Ashlands (still in early development)


The Meadows are where you’ll start out, and the area can be considered pretty safe.

Meadows are generally grassy areas with sparse woods. You’ll find the basic resource here, such as trees, which will provide wood and fine wood, stone and flint, and various types of food.

The creatures found in this biome won’t be of any great threat – mostly Boars and lizard-type creatures called Neck, the occasional Greylings and Greydwarfs.

The boss you’ll need to defeat in the Meadows is Eikthyr.


Black Forest

The Black Forest is a darker, denser wooded are that shares space with the Meadows. You’ll find tombs here, where you can find Surtling Core, copper and tin – you’ll need a lot of those for crafting new gear. There are more threats in this are including Greydwarf variants, Skeletons and Trolls.

You’ll also find Haldor the Merchant somewhere in the Black Forest.

The boss you’ll need to defeat in the Black Forest is The Elder. He’ll drop a key you’ll need later in the game.



A swamp might share space with a Black Forest – it is usually at the edge of an island – or it may be an entire island of its own.

It is much more hostile than the Black Forest. The enemies are numerous and aggressive, such as the Draugr, poisonous Leeches and Blobs.

You’ll find the Sunken Crypts here, which contain iron – used to forge and upgrade armor and weapons.

The boss you’ll need to defeat in the Black Forest is Bonemass.



The mountains usually share space with a Black Forest – snow-covered and high elevation, and which will cause a freezing effect. You’ll need to stay warm, otherwise you’ll take damage over time.

You’ll find Wolves and Drakes around here – wolves are useful for creating warmer armor. You can also find silver in the mountain.

The boss you’ll need to defeat in the Mountains is Moder.



The Plains are filled with bright grasses, hills and rock formations. You’ll find them next to most biomes.

You’ll find villages filled with Fulings, Lox creatures and Deathsquitos here.

The boss you’ll need to defeat on the Plains is Yagluth.



Surrounding the different islands, you'll need to learn to sail across the Ocean to get to where you need to be.

You'll encounter dangerous Serpents and friendly Leviathans in the deep waters.

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