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Resident Evil Village Walkthrough: Heisenberg's Factory

Resident Evil Village: Complete Walkthrough
Resident Evil Village Walkthrough: Heisenberg's Factory

As we approach the end of Resident Evil Village, it's time to storm Heisenberg's Factory. Read on for the next part of our complete walkthrough.

The next chapter of our complete Resident Evil Village walkthrough has you face off against Heisenberg and his abominable experiments. Read on!

Taking on Heisenberg

Return to the altar to place the last flask. You'll get the Giant's Chalice. Go to the Ceremony Site to drop it there and trigger a cutscene. A new path then appears, and the altar will descend like an elevator.

Head towards the Factory. You can collect pieces of junk from car wrecks outside. Open the door that goes down to the basement and go to the back room. Interact further with the curtain that conceals photos to trigger a cutscene.

Then comes a monster: flee, and once at the end of the track at the cul-de-sac, jump into the duct on the right. You will tumble into a landfill: search the surroundings rich in scrap metal before climbing the yellow ladder.

At the top, more monsters await you; aim for their visors to destroy their head protection before taking them out.

Go to the far end of the room and interact with the metal gate to unlock a passage. Climb the ladder to the left to emerge into the bowels of the factory. Start by heading right to find the Duke. His shop is placed on an elevator, so you'll meet him several times as you explore the Factory.

Then, go through the red door near the Duke to follow a corridor to another door with a red diode: simply hit the diode with your knife. Be careful, as two enemies are waiting. in the next room, you will have to restore the power: to meet at the back of the room, go down and clear the area of the enemies that appear.

You will arrive in the Foundry, where you will have to return several times. For now, search for loot and then continue to the left along the bloody path.

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

Heisenberg's Factory

Go forward after the switch and enter the room behind the monster attached to the chair. In a trunk, you will find a Relief Mold to recover. Taking it will wake up the sleeping monster. To kill him, aim for the red diode at heart level.

You can now return to the Foundry to make the Relief of a Horse using the mold: insert it into the machine, collect the part and insert it into the wall on the right. Keep going until you can descend and land in a room with huge mechanical arms.

To pass, there are two solutions: either pass at the right time, or shoot the red light of the mechanism when it is high up to freeze it. You can also use the power of the gears to lure monsters into them, which should kill them quickly.

Go to the bottom and take the yellow ladder. Interact with a new grid and take this path. Go left and unlock the door to the Foundry on the way. At the bottom, you will find a wall marked with a yellow cross to break down with a bomb, where you can collect loot and a cylindrical part in a case.

Continue to the room downstairs with a new LED door. Then grab the Cog Mold hidden in a case and unlock the shortcut.

Be careful here, as an enemy hanging on the wall will wake up on the path. Go press this new mold in the workshop to recover a Large Cog and insert it into the generator indicated on the map.

With the power restored, a gate opens to continue the adventure. Enemies will appear on the way: always aim for the diode. Go up the blue stairs and continue to a door with five red lights. Defeat the enemies behind it and continue up a new blue staircase.

A metal container falls to the ground revealing a new type of enemy, so this time aiming for the back. Further on, press the switch to call a gateway and continue straight on, eliminating the enemies. Take the path to a door with five lamps and celebrate your reunion with Sturm.

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

Heisenberg's Key

Flee from the left, and after a short cutscene, collect supplies in the room. You will finally find yourself in the main hall where you can activate the elevator to bring the Duke's shop to your level.

Take the yellow ladder to continue and go down further by another ladder. Then sneak into a pipe on the left. You can then find a small path, on the right, which leads to a cavity with supplies. Another awaits you at the back of this room, which will lead to a large room where it's raining rubbish.

Take the time to blow up all the crates and collect the ammunition. Return to the catwalk and meet these new armored enemies. Their laser is pointing where they are going to charge, get out of their way.

Before going up, pay attention to the red lamps attached to the giant fan: you will have to blow all four lamps to stop the propeller. Now climb the yellow ladder safely without ending up mush.

Further on, pick up the map on a table on the left. Continue to a room with a fan that attracts you: hurry to shoot the red diode in the center of the propeller. A passage near the propellers is revealed: go to the yellow ladder along the wall.

Interact with the button to operate the elevator. In the next room, recover the Key Mold in the trunk. From there you will have to go back to the Foundry.

Resident Evil Village: How to find Heisenberg's key

You'll need a key to be able to enter the Heisenberg Factory and continue your adventure in Resident Evil Village. Here's a guide on how to get the key to Heisenberg.

Boss: Sturm

Open the door and defeat the four Ghouls that await you inside. Take the Mechanical Part (Shaft), which you can combine with the other parts to forge Heisenberg's Hammer, a treasure worth its weight in Lei.

You can now return to the elevator and go back to the top. Enter through the door flanked by a horse's head on level B1. It's almost time to face off against Heisenberg.

You will first find a refreshment room on the left, just after the horse gate. Sturm will make his comeback and this time, there is no longer any question of fleeing: kill him. His weak point is in the back, and previous enemies have shown you what to do: make him bang against walls so that you can get past him.

Make sure that he always stays far enough away from you so that you can dodge his attacks. When it ignites, it will unleash a large blast of fire. It's more impressive than dangerous, but pay attention all the same and be sure to get out of the way.

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

Walkthrough Part 10: How to defeat Heisenberg

After ransacking the fortress and his factory, Heisenberg is finally within gun range. Here's our walkthrough explaining how this boss fight works.

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