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How to level up quickly in Elden Ring with just a few steps

How to level up quickly in Elden Ring with just a few steps

If you're looking to level up in Elden Ring, here is a guide on how to earn over 100,000 runes in 10 minutes.

How to level up quickly in Elden Ring with just a few steps

Leveling in Elden Ring can be quite boring if you have not found some easy spots so we got some for you with a  technique that will not need you to go the last zones of the game.

Fast Rune Farming in Elden Ring

Head to the 3rd region of the game and beat the Draconid soldier, before climbing into the coffin and gain access to the new area shown in the video.

The area shown in the video is reached by climbing the roots around the buildings in the second part of the map. A point of grace is found in the heights: Beyond the Roots .

Elden Ring

All you have to do is go and kill the stationary gargoyles from behind, each one gives around 3500 runes and they are almost harmless. We have included 5 in our route, but you can limit yourself to one or two, it must be said that the main danger in the area is gravity. Fall damage is deadly around the corner. If you are not comfortable with jumps, whether on foot or on horseback, it may be wise to limit yourself to the first two gargoyles for example.

In the same vein, if you play on PS4 or without SSD for example, it is better to limit yourself to the first gargoyles, then return on foot to the point of Vanished Grace in order to avoid the loading caused by the fast travel. It's up to you to adapt your farming in the area, or to get used to performing the required jumps in order to gain efficiency. We farmed over 116,000 runes in 10 minutes, so this method is profitable, even for a very high level character.

This guide has been translated from MGG France by bxakid and was originally written by Raiden Robin.

A new Fix for Elden Ring Multiplayer was just released

After reports of a few problems with Elden Ring's multiplayer, FromSoftware's dev teams performed early maintenance to fix various co-op issues.

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