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Where to find Kohinoor one of Lost Ark World Boss

Where to find Kohinoor one of Lost Ark World Boss

Kohinoor is one of the World Bosses in Lost Ark. It can be found in the Yorn region and defeated by a large group of ideally well-equipped level 50 players.

Where to find Kohinoor one of Lost Ark World Boss

Kohinoor is one of the World Bosses available in Lost Ark. He appears rarely and at regular intervals in the Iron Hammer Mine in the Yorn region. It is a creature with several hundred million health points and being level 50.

  • Recommended Item Level: 880

    Once defeated, Kohinoor mainly grants the following items:

  • Equipment level 840 (approx.)
  • Secret Map ( Adventure: Veiled Figurehead )
  • Pan-fried pink mushroom sauce

Kohinoor Location

Steep Lava Valley in the Iron Hammer Mines, Yorn

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