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Here's How to Kill Death Rite Bird in Elden Ring

Here's How to Kill Death Rite Bird in Elden Ring

One of the recurring open world bosses in Elden Ring is a kind of night vulture surrounded by black flames and here's how to defeat them.

Elden Ring has many bosses such as Dragons and World Tree Avatars, but there are many more, some of which only appear at night.

Death Rite Bird Position in Elden Ring

Elden Ring


  • Spirit summons are not always available in the area, it is quite variable.
  • This boss has two very big weaknesses, hit-type physical damage (hammer, flail, etc.) and holy damage . It can be killed very quickly using the right type of weapon and consumables. Crafting holy pots or enchanting your weapon can really make the fight easier.
  • Conversely, this boss is highly resistant to piercing damage and lightning. He is also immune to almost all afflictions, only Scarlet Rot works.
  • For its part, this boss will mainly inflict physical and magical damage. Its black flames will also fill your Freeze bar, which is often your death warrant.
  • The head of the boss can be targeted and locked specifically, it's its weak point, but it moves a lot. Plus, it's an absolute melee nightmare with the camera spinning all over the place and taking weird low angle angles. It may be wiser to aim for the body.

Fight against the Funerary Volatile

  • To start, know that this boss can regularly be killed easily from a distance by abusing the terrain
  • As is often the case, this boss is much easier from a distance, whether on foot or on horseback. By keeping your distance, there are only one or two really dangerous attacks.
  • In melee, this boss is very dangerous, since its attack combos inflict enormous damage. As with the majority of non-humanoid enemies, we advise you to pass under him, and attack his body rather than his head . In this way, he will be unable to attack you directly, he will have to reposition himself each time, which will give you time to follow him and pass under him, dodging one or two attacks along the way. It is especially necessary to be wary of his repeated pecks, since they can be carried out under him and be chained. It is then necessary to perform a few rolls to stay in contact. Blocking is also an option.
  • The attacks of the bird are many and varied, whether it is the kicks in the air, or the big swings of the sword. It takes a bit of practice to grasp the timing and dodge them. Flaming sword strikes are particularly dangerous, but rather easy to avoid. He also cannot use them when you are under him.
  • There are 2 attacks to be really wary of: the first is his shower of flaming feathers. He uses it when you're ranged as normal, though it can happen that it's cast before you can get back into melee. In this case, you have to run sideways to dodge the rain of guided projectiles.
  • The other technique is his fire nova. He will swing his sword forward and start charging a fireball. Often it's just a small spontaneous explosion, but if he concentrates it any longer, a huge explosion will follow. Pools of flames will then cover the area. If the explosion didn't kill you, the fire will. It is better to summon Torrent and get as far away as possible in this case. If you're playing from a distance, it's a great opportunity to attack with impunity.
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