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Stray lifespan: how long to finish the game?

Stray lifespan: how long to finish the game?

Too easy to complete or too short does Stray offer players a good lifespan? In this article, we will see in detail this very important question.

Stray lifespan: how long to finish the game?

Stray, the exploration game where we are at the controls of a cat, has just been released this Tuesday, July 19, 2022. Feline lovers will undoubtedly jump on this new title, but is it worth it? You would probably like to know its lifespan before releasing the credit card, right?

Following our test, we invite you to discover in detail the number of hours required to complete the adventure of our four-legged furry ball. Don't panic, we'll omit main plot details to avoid any spoilers.

How long to finish Stray's story?

If you don't want to platinum the game or soak up the history of the many robots that make up Stray's population, it won't take you long to complete the game. Personally, it took us a little less than 7 hours to finish Stray's story without going into too much detail about the trophies.

It is even possible to finish it much faster, in two hours, but this exercise is only possible when you have finished the game once (as part of a trophy that requires you to finish the game in less than two hours) . It is not new to see challenges of this kind, we can notice it on Resident Evil Village which, among other things, can be completed in less than three hours.

So, taking a big fork, it will take you between 6-8 hours of gameplay to complete the main storyline . On the other hand, to turn it into platinum, it will take a little more time, that's for sure.


How long to finish 100% Stray?

Stray is made up of 25 trophies and requires replaying different chapters, or even replaying the game a second time to complete all the achievements. It will take you approximately 9 hours of gameplay to complete it 100% , but the time may increase if you miss the challenge to complete the game in less than two hours.

Stray has many small secondary missions such as recovering scores for an NPC, collecting hidden badges in the different cities or even achieving challenges that are not easy to guess. The objects are not very easy to access and require to have the eye well open, because you will undoubtedly be able to fall next to an essential collectible for the platinum.


Is its lifespan a sign of poor quality?

To be clear, no, Stray is a very good game, especially if you take into consideration its development studio which is not similar to those seen on the big titles. Stray's small team has created an immersive and contemplative game where we take the place of a little cat who is trying to find his family.

The interactions with the universe are certainly quite robotic, allowing no room for error, but with the gift of transporting players to a completely different universe for a few hours. Listening to the stories of the other protagonists, understanding the world around us and above all revealing all the secrets of the places we visit make Stray a game worth playing .

Its affordable price perfectly represents its lifespan: a small game, not very long, for a small price (based on current market prices). If you have a day to spend on a game, we strongly recommend Stray (especially if you are a poti chat lover).

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