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Stray Curiosity Killed the Cat: how to unlock this trophy?

Stray Curiosity Killed the Cat: how to unlock this trophy?

To platinum Stray, you will be required to accomplish many achievements; some are easier than others to complete, because they only ask to play the game spontaneously. Here, we give you the walkthrough for the Curiosity Killed the Cat trophy.

Stray Curiosity Killed the Cat: how to unlock this trophy?

If you want to finish a game 100%, you will have to go through the achievement platinum. Achievements, otherwise known as trophies, are small missions that developers have set up to test players. The challenges can be more or less complicated, some require hours of play, others to simply play and some require you to rack your brains a bit.

Stray's Curiosity Killed the Cat challenge isn't exactly complicated, but you may have missed the item that will allow you to unlock this trophy. In order to help you, you can find in this written guide all the steps to follow to complete this success.

How to complete Curiosity Killed the Cat?

As the description of this trophy points out, you will have to slip your cat's head into a paper bag, but you still have to find this famous paper bag.

As of this writing, we've discovered two paper bags that can help you complete the Curiosity Killed the Cat achievement; both are in the chapter named "The Slums". You can achieve this achievement at the very beginning of your adventure. Indeed, just after talking with the Guardian, you just have to go see Morusque, the musician without a score. Right next to him, a small paper bag will be placed on the ground.

Otherwise, you can find another paper bag at Momo, just after the chapter called "Roofs". When you return from this mission, you return to the slums through Momo's window and the latter will no longer be present in his apartment. The paper bag will be placed on the ground, right next to the kitchen of the rainbow-headed robot.

Paper bag next to Morusque - Stray
Paper bag next to Morusque
Paper bag at Momo - Stray
Paper bag at Momo

By interacting with the paper bag, the trophy will be automatically validated and good luck guiding your cat: his senses will be disturbed, so he will be totally disoriented and will not be able to put one paw in front of the other correctly.

Fortunately, the effect of the paper bag does not last very long, so you can easily resume your adventure after a few seconds.

What if I missed these bags?

Stray is split into chapters, so if you haven't completed all the challenges or if you think you've missed a quest, you can very well restart the chapter of your choice from the game's main menu. Like the TV achievement to cat, you just have to return to the first or second chapter "The Slums" to accomplish this trophy. After talking and showing the postcard to the Guardian, you can wander around the village as you see fit.

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