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Hilda Tower of Fantasy: Weapon The Exterminator, Build, Matrices... How to play it?

Hilda Tower of Fantasy: Weapon The Exterminator, Build, Matrices... How to play it?

Here's our complete guide to Hilda, a Simulacrum SR and her Exterminator weapon. You will find all the information to play it on Tower of Fantasy, the best matrices to put on it, the gifts to offer it and its progression in stars.

Hilda Tower of Fantasy: Weapon The Exterminator, Build, Matrices... How to play it?

Tower of Fantasy is available since August 11, 2022 and this new gacha game lets you experience a futuristic open-world adventure with an MMORPG aspect. Your goal is therefore not only to explore the different regions, to complete quests but also to summon characters and improve them. On ToF, the summoning system is a bit special and allows you to actually obtain weapons with various rarity levels: N - R - SR - SRR. Attached to these weapons are characters called Simulacrums only for SR and SSR rarities. Today, we are particularly interested in Hilda and her weapon The Exterminator .

Hilda: Presentation of the SR and banner

Hilda is part of the game's permanent banner (obtainable with Golden Nuclei - you get a guaranteed SR every 10 summons) but you also have a low chance of getting it on the very first temporary banner in the game (Nemesis) , which lasts from August 11, 2022 (game launch) to August 31, 2022, as well as on the purple banner.

  • Gender : Female
  • Height : 165cm
  • Birthday date : April 11 (Pisces)
  • Japanese voice : Kana Hanazawa
  • English voice : Kira Buckland (Kuki in Genshin Impact)
Hilda. This is a character wielding a huge cannon, but despite her rather imposing weapon, she remains very friendly and will not hesitate to lend you a hand if necessary. Her attribute is ice.
Description officielle

Hilda's skin

Unlike 5-Star Simulacrums (SSRs), SRs only have one skin and cannot unlock another one based on Awakening progression.

1 star skin - Tower of Fantasy
1 star skin

Favorite gifts to give him

Each SSR and SR character in Tower of Fantasy has an Awakening Level that can be improved by completing the story quest and also by giving them gifts.

  • Hilda loves Limited Items, Figures and Toys

    The best gift to give him:

Tata Limited Figure

Rarity: SR

Hilda's Awakening Attributes

  • 1,200 Awakening Points: Full Speed - When Hilda uses a vehicle, increase speed by 7%.
  • 4,000 Awakening Points: Full Speed Drift - When Hilda uses a vehicle, her speed increases by 10%.
Tower of Fantasy

The Exterminator: Introducing Hilda's SR Weapon

Information and how to get it?

  • Resonance (role): DPS
  • Element: Ice
  • Fracture: 10.00
  • Refill: 10.00
  • Base Attack: 11
  • HP: 753
  • Resistance: 2
The Exterminator

Currently, the way to get the Exterminator, Hilda's SR weapon, is to summon on the permanent, purple, or temporary banner. Some World Bosses give you a chance to loot the weapon: Robarg, Apophis, Cryobot, Lucia and Sobek.

The effects of the weapon The Exterminator

  • Ice Shell : Fully charged weapons freeze the target for 2 seconds and leave them frozen for 6 seconds. Breaking the ice shell deals bonus damage equal to 111.00% ATK. While frozen, the target's weapon charge rate is reduced by 50%.

How is Hilda/The Exterminator played and with whom/what weapon?

Hilda does not have a lot of skills unlike all the other weapons in the game, but she is still a good DPS that shoots from a distance and whose star progression will both considerably increase her damage but also reduce the recharge time.

  • Her strong points : with her few skills, Hilda is a very good beginner character to take in hand to start the adventure. Especially since his Awakening will allow you to improve the speed of your vehicles to make exploration even easier. To unlock her full potential as a team, you can pair her with King and Nemesis.
Tower of Fantasy
Tower of Fantasy
Tower of Fantasy

Progression: how to improve The Exterminator?

The 6 star levels

Each SR and SSR weapon can progress up to a 6-star level. Initially, your weapon will be at 0 stars and you will therefore have to improve it 6 times to reach the maximum level, but this means that you will have to obtain the same weapon 7 times to improve it.

  • 1★: Each successful normal attack increases damage by 1% for 2 seconds (stacks up to 15 times). Increase ammo count to 60.
  • 2★: Increases base ATK growth of current weapon by 10%.
  • 3★: Within 10 seconds of switching weapons, increases normal attack and fracture damage by 30%. Reload: 25 seconds. Increase ammo to 80.
  • 4★: Increases base ATK growth of current weapon by 20%.
  • 5★: Reduced cooldown of normal attacks in turret mode to 2 seconds.
  • 6★: Within 10 seconds of switching weapons, increases normal attack and fracture damage by 60%. Reload: 25 seconds.
Tower of Fantasy

The necessary upgrade materials

In addition to improving the stars of your weapon, you can also strengthen it and increase it up to 4 times. Be careful, this costs materials but also Gold and sometimes requires having the right level of adventure. For The Exterminator, you will need the following materials:


Can be found by collecting ores in the open world or to buy in the weapon shop.

Rank 1: x1

Rank 2: x2

Rank 3: x2

Rank 4: x2

Nanocoating I

Rank 3: x2

Rank 4: x2

Nanofiber frame I

Rank 4: x2


Rank 1: x250

Rank 2: x500

Rank 3: x750

Rank 4: x1000

All SR Weapon Skills The Exterminator


  • Normal Attack : Use normal attack to enter aiming mode. Hold normal attack to fire continuously, up to 40 shots. Each shot deals damage equal to 11.4% ATK + 1. Double damage when you headshot or hit an enemy's weakness, knocking them down (headshots are ineffective against Explorers).


  • Dodge : Dodge just before being hit to activate a Fantasy, which reduces the speed of enemies in the area. Reload: 15 seconds. While dodging, you gain immunity to stuns for 0.5 seconds.

Exterminator Special Skill

  • Turret : Activate turret mode and fire large energy orbs, each dealing damage equal to 213.3% ATK + 11 and knocking the target into the air. Become immune to stun and control effects while setting up the turret. 3.5 second cooldown.

Discharge (ultimate)

  • Arctic Beam : When the weapon's charge is full or a Fantasy is triggered, removes all detrimental effects from the wearer and fires an arctic beam when switching to this weapon, dealing damage equal to 329.2% of the 'ATK +17 and inflicts a 3 second freeze effect. Also reduces the target's Freeze Resistance by 50% for 10 seconds.

Recommended matrices

There are only 4 die slots to put on your weapon. A bit like artifacts, the matrices work in sets: the more pieces of the same set you put, the more the set in question grants bonuses. For Hilda and her Exterminator, it is better to accumulate attack damage with a 4-piece Samir set.

Samir x4

Set x2 : Increases damage when you hit a target, by 1.5% each time, up to 10/13/16/20 stacks. Buff stacking time: 2 seconds.

Set x4 : Each attack on locked targets deals bonus damage equal to 10%/12.5%/15%/17.5% ATK.

Is Nemesis too OP in PVP?

Nemesis is aptly named. It currently terrifies ToF's PvP mode, with no real competition. Possibility of stun, damage, sustain... Many players complain about the absolute versatility of the character who, coincidentally, is featured in the game's first "limited" banner.

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