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Grounded Mutations: List and how to unlock them?

Grounded Mutations: List and how to unlock them?

The progression of your teenagers in the garden is not done via levels, but by unlocking mutations offering passive bonuses. Find all the mutations in this guide, with explanations on what to do to get them quickly.

The small world of Grounded is incredibly hostile, if you want to have a chance of getting your teenager back home before he becomes an adult, you will have to unlock the right mutations quickly. It can be incredibly long if you go there blindly. The reverse is also true, and some of the best mutations are quick and easy to unlock when you know what to do. Others will still require a lot of farming. Some mutations have a single rank, others have up to 3, and you must continue to practice the same activity to unlock the following ranks.

Mutations are like passive bonuses that you can freely activate or deactivate in the "State" menu once they have been unlocked. At the start of the game, you can only have 2 active at the same time, but you will unlock more slots as you progress, at least 3 more, for a total of 5, with the Milk Teeth.


Changes to buy at BURG.L

By advancing a little in the main story, you will unlock the oak laboratory, and save BURG.L. You can then buy Mutations from him in exchange for Raw Science. These Mutations are available to all players in the Multiplayer game. This makes them excellent investments. You need to find the additional BURG.L chips to unlock the following Mutations.

  • Human Shield : 3000 Raw Science and Lawn Chip required - Increases maximum health by 30%.
  • Vigorous Breathing : 3000 Raw Science and Black Anthill Chip - Increases maximum Stamina by 50%.
  • Daredevil : 3000 Raw Science and Hedge Flea - Reduces fall damage by 50%. Fatal Falls leave you with 1 life instead.

Mutations to unlock


For all the mutations requiring killing hundreds of enemies, going around the starting area killing the mites is by far the easiest and fastest.

  • Cogne-Fu : Kill 50 creatures with bare hands - Double the damage of bare hand attacks.
  • Axe-All : Kill 50/100/200 creatures with an ax - Ax attacks have a chance to stun the target. This interrupts the target's current action.
  • Crush All : Kill 50/100/200 creatures with a hammer - Hammer attacks have a chance to stun the target. This interrupts the target's current action.
  • Lancer : Kill 50/100/200 creatures with a spear - Spear attacks have a chance to lower an enemy's defense.
  • Assassin : Kill 50/100/200 creatures with a dagger - Dagger attacks have a chance to cause the target to bleed. Inflicts damage over time.
  • Eagle Eye : Kill 50/100/200 creatures with a bow - Bow attacks have a chance to immobilize the target.
  • Barbarian : Kill 50/100/200 creatures with a club - Club attacks give the player a chance to enter rage mode. Increases damage, but prevents perfect blocking.
  • Swordmaster: Kill 50/100/200 creatures with a sword - Sword attacks have a chance to reduce the stamina cost of the next attack combo.
  • Parry Master : Perform 20/60/100 perfect blocks - Restores stamina on a perfect block. The amount increases with levels.
  • Antminator : Kill 50/100/150 ants - Increases damage done to ants by 5/15/25%. Level 3 also increases ant damage resistance by 10%.
  • Trusted Comrade : Revive another player 5/15/30 times - Increases player's revive speed by 15/25/40%.
  • Mithridatization : Kill 1/5/10 Wolf Spiders - Increases poison resistance by 25/50/75%.
  • Watchdog : Complete 1/4/? MIX.R - Bonus attack damage during insect faction raids.
  • Maternal Influence : Kill Spider Queen of the Hedge - Your attacks have a chance to summon spiderlings into battle. Be careful, they can accidentally injure you.
  • Truffle Grasp : Kill the Infected Ladybug in the Fog Lab - Unarmed attacks have a chance to create a fungal explosion damaging anything nearby.


  • Adept at Pruning : Cut 50/200/500 blades of grass - Increases the efficiency of cutting all types of grass by 25/50/100%. Restores stamina by cutting grass.
  • Rockbreaker : Break 25/75/100 rocks - Increases the effectiveness of breaking all rock types by 25/50/100%.
  • Protective Coolness: Eat 1/5/10 mint shards - Increases resistance to gas and burn damage by 25/50/75%. Reduced crackle rate by 25/50/75%.
  • Spicy Safety : Eat 1/2 Spicy Shards - Reduces damage taken from Crush, Impale, and Explosive attacks.


  • Cardio Addict: Deplete stamina gauge 100/250/500 times - Increases stamina regeneration rate by 10/15/20%.
  • Flower Executioner : Find the four-leaf clover (lvl 1), and roll a 20 in the Minotaur's Labyrinth on the Picnic Table (lvl 2) - Additional critical hit damage increase by 10/ 25%.
  • Watering : Discover the 5 juice boxes - The thirst gauge decreases 50% more slowly.
  • Sense of Direction : Discover 5/20/50 lair points - Increases movement speed by 3/6/10%.
  • Teen Mermaid : Discover 3 underwater landmarks - Increases oxygen supply underwater by 10%. Increases swimming speed by 15%.
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