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Grounded map: Resources, spiders... Where to find them thanks to the interactive map of the garden

Grounded map: Resources, spiders... Where to find them thanks to the interactive map of the garden

Discover the position of many elements of Grounded thanks to this interactive map still under construction. Thanks to it, you should be able to easily find the first elements necessary for your survival in Obsidian's Xbox exclusive.

Grounded is finally available on Xbox, Steam and directly on Game Pass to the delight of survival game fans. With its "handmade" level design garden, which is ultimately quite rare for a survival game, the production of Obsidian aligns the good ideas and manages to extricate itself from the crowd by offering a sum of the best concepts of the genre. and transposing them into an original universe. In this short guide, we will simply see the traditional interactive map including the position of many game elements.

Grounded interactive map

As usual, the excellent team at Mapgenie provide the most comprehensive interactive map of Grounded to date . It is an ideal companion to get your game off to a good start and quickly identify where the various resources necessary for the first stages of your survival in the garden are placed. If you're used to using these cards, the interface is exactly the same as usual: you can use the different filters in the left menu to remove the options that don't interest you. Be careful though, this interactive map is only available in English for the moment.

  • Grounded Interactive Map by MapGenie

Map under construction

The shared map just above is effectively still under construction and many items introduced with the game's latest content updates are not present . Ultimately, it may be useful as an extra to help you find your way roughly during your expeditions. It also helps to know where the fearsome wolf spiders are located, which will most likely put you in misery during your first hours of play. We still recommend that you keep our indexes on the side, in addition to the interactive map. You can find all our guides to the world of Grounded below, but also detailed sheets on the game's bestiary with tips for easily overcoming them.

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