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Grounded Abyssal Ridge: Where to find it?

Grounded Abyssal Ridge: Where to find it?

In order to craft the Bone Dagger, Bubble Helmet, and other useful pieces of equipment when exploring the Garden Pond, you need rare materials. Here is a guide with the position of the Abyssal Ridges, as well as how to extract them.

Exploring the pond in Grounded requires you to have full scuba gear, otherwise you will experience the same traumas as old players of Sonic on Megadrive and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on NES: long seconds of anxiety, then a humiliating drowning .


Usefulness of Abyssal Ridges

It is clearly better to take the time to craft all possible items, such as the Bubble Helmet , and especially the level 2 Bone Dagger , which you are going to need to cut the soggy roots that block access to many Milk Submerged molars. What these two items have in common is that they require Abyssal Edges to craft. Afterwards, you will also need more to make the Level 3 Rusty Spear.


Almost all of the Abyssal Ridges in the game are found in the deepest section of the pool. So you need a Tuba-gill, Fins, the Adolesiren Mutation, and a Slime Mold Lantern, in order to see something in the darkness. Turning the game brightness all the way up via the gamma setting can help if you don't like using a light source, but it's far from a perfect solution, besides being a pretty questionable method.

Finally, don't forget your level 1 (or higher) Acorn Shovel to extract the Abyssal Ridges.


Position of the Abyssal Ridges

There is no point in searching the main section of the pond, there are no ridges here. You have to enter the deepest section, with the plastic T-Rex, towards the right of the area. The good thing is that there is a leaky pipe nearby, so you can restore your oxygen supply regularly, so you don't have to return to the surface every time.

The main area around the T-rex mostly consists of Koi Scales when searching the bottom of the basin, although it is possible to find a ridge or two. They are mainly found near the Treasure Chest, located a little further in the tunnel, under the first turbine.


There are easily 4 ridges just in front of the chest, but bring light, it is really dark in the area.


Other Abyssal Edges

Unfortunately, the number of bones available at the bottom of the pond is very limited. This is a problem for crafting everything, as well as in multiplayer. You'll have to wait a few days for them to reappear, or you'll have to turn to alternative sources:

  • You can find two Abyssal Edges on the shelves in the Flooded Stash, at the entrance to the pond lab.
  • During the day, you can regularly dig up chests in the Sandbox, using the Level 2 Black Ant Shovel. A glowing reflection shows you where to dig. These chests often contain an Abyssal Edge.
Grounded Moss Covered Key: Where to find it?

In order to open the treasure chest in the depths of the pond, you will have to find a key very well hidden in the darkness. Here is a guild walkthrough, with all the information you may need. A nice loot awaits you, with a Mega Milk Molar and a BURG.L Chip.

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