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Grounded Research Station: List and position of scanners

Grounded Research Station: List and position of scanners

The garden includes many useful buildings for your research and progress. Discovering them allows you to add markers to the map and access additional features. Here is a map with directions to discover them.

Grounded is finally releasing from early access on September 27, 2022, and it's time to explore the garden. Research stations are some of the tools made available to you by the story in order to be assisted and guided in your progress.

Research Posts often contain cereal bars and documents related to the game's lore. They are often (but not always) good places to establish a base. The post is an indestructible bulwark, it offers useful services to have on hand, and they are generally well positioned, in a safe area. But there are a few exceptions.


How do I activate the research positions features?

Each post has 3 machines, but only the scanner is available at the beginning. You will have to progress in the story in order to activate them:

Resource Analyzer : Unlocks new recipes by scanning objects, which grants Raw Science and boosts your Mental Power. Mental Power levels give new blueprints.

ASI Computer : Unlocked by going to save BURG.L at the oak laboratory . This is your top priority. It allows purchasing upgrades, mutations, Blueprints and Milk Molars bonuses, as well as receiving quests.

Scanner : Unlocked by going to the Hedge lab, you have to lower a lever in one of the lab annexes. Allows you to choose a known type of equipment, and see its position indicated on the map, including outside the substation. This makes it possible to hunt down any type of enemy, such as Wolf Spiders, by choosing poison, for example.


Map of Research Stations

There were 14 Research Stations listed before the game was released. If version 1.0 added any new ones, they will be added to this list soon. This takes a little time, since if they exist, they are probably in the last areas of the game. An element of your interface activates and indicates the proximity of a research station via lights. If you can't find it, it's because it's hidden underground, or high up. Find more detailed guidance in the next section.


List of research positions

  1. Starter Research Station : You should come across this naturally early in the game.
  2. Oak Branch Research Station : Located between the oak tree and the edge of the pond.
  3. Chop's Can Research Station : Near Chop's can (surprising, isn't it?). Watch out for spiders in the area, avoid building a base here.
  4. Larval cave research post: This post is hidden and inaccessible, you have to blow up a wall with a bomb , either at the bottom of the cave, or at the entrance to the trowel trench. So you can't unlock it right away, no need to search.
  5. Bug research post : Located to the east, it is surrounded by 3 Bugs, it is better to wait until you have a gas mask to kill them. It's obviously a horrible place to build a base, at any level.
  6. Flowerbed Research Station : Nothing special here.
  7. Pond Research Station : Located inside the stone lamp base, in the pond. It's a safe place and quite well located for a small base. At least no one will attack you.
  8. Hedge Research Post : Hidden among the branches of the berry bush, southeast of the map. Climb using the trombone, the post is just after.
  9. North lawn research station : You have to climb the low wall that divides the garden in two. Look for the collapsed section of the low wall, not far from the garden gnome to the west, then use a bomb. You can theoretically pass without explosives, with enough constructions to circumvent the obstacle.
  10. Mist Research Station : You need a gas mask to reach the scene. The monsters are also quite strong. You really don't want to build a base here.
  11. Picnic Table Research Station : You have to knock the shovel down with an explosive to get on the table, then hit the cooler handle. This post is on the upper level, hidden under a book. Nearby you can find the access point to the sandpit via the zip line.
  12. Sandbox research station : It takes 12 silks to build the zip line from the table, and thus reach the sandbox. The research post awaits you just in the opposite corner. This can be a good base, since access to the ferry is long and complex. Thanks to nearby materials, building the base is not difficult.
  13. Landfill Research Station : Potentially provide a gas mask to reach the area.
  14. Woodpile research station: Climb on the plank resting on the stump, in order to reach this high position. It's an almost ideal location for a base, although getting materials there can be a bit of a pain.
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