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Patch 1.01 Grounded: List of Update Changes and Fixes

Patch 1.01 Grounded: List of Update Changes and Fixes

Here is the Grounded 1.01 patch notes, which introduces many bug fixes and balances. This may hold some surprises, with changed keyboard shortcuts, for example. Points of interest will also finally unlock properly.

The Obsidian development team is celebrating the positive reception of Grounded, and the first hotfix post-launch patch has just been deployed. You can find the full patch notes on the official site . We have translated into French and summarized what we believe to be the main changes. This includes tons of minor bugs and fixes. Some major issues have also been fixed, but there is still work to be done to fix the most notable issues. Take, for example, the propensity of insects to get stuck in anything and everything. This is often to the advantage of players, but it greatly harms immersion. The fact that a certain boss disappeared without us having to face it also doesn't seem to have been fixed yet.

Main changes

  • In observation mode, studying a creature is now done with the "E" key on the keyboard, or the "RB" button on the gamepad. You will finally stop putting counters on the ground, rather than studying the creature. At least, after discovering that the shortcut has been changed.
  • Laboratories are entitled to new icons on the map.
  • Dandelions drop pollen when killed.
  • The weapon damage bar shows buffs provided by Whetstones separately.
  • Editing different sounds.


  • The game should no longer randomly crash when constructing buildings, chopping down different types of plants, joining a multiplayer game, or interacting with dew on grass.

Bug fixes

  • Points of interest will be unlocked normally by discovering them now.
  • Dew will no longer disappear when it falls from grass.
  • Weapon repair attachments will work correctly with all damage types.
  • The mutation linked to enemies killed with a stick will now unlock correctly.
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