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Grounded Chrysalis: Position and how to harvest them?

Grounded Chrysalis: Position and how to harvest them?

One of the Tier 3 materials you're going to need a lot in Grounded is Chrysalis Leather. Discover all the useful information about them in this guide, such as farming locations, the tool required, and above all, how to save a lot of time.

It's normal to have to take detours in Grounded when trying to craft equipment. Like level 3 weapons and armor, you quickly realize that you need new types of materials, which require new tools, and you have to kill monsters in another area. In the end, we spend many hours doing other things, before we can finally start harvesting the required materials. This is exactly what awaits you with the chrysalises. At least you won't have to look for the info any further.


Position of pupae

All the chrysalises in the game are in the upper garden, so you have to pass the low wall that separates it from the base garden. You will probably need a bomb to pass the rock blocking the way, not far from the garden gnome.

  • You can then find chrysalises everywhere in the crevices located between the overturned barbecue and the pile of wood, in the North-West of the garden. But be careful, the area is full of ladybug larvae.
  • There are several groups of pupae attached under the boards at the front of the garden shed. You have to knock them down with arrows, before you can start extracting them.
  • In the North-East section of the garden.
  • The surroundings of the water hole, located under the garden shed, contain many chrysalises within reach of an ax. The problem is that to access the area, you must have found all of BURG.L's Superchips, then Dr. Wendell's SCA.B, in order to open the hidden door to the right of the shed.

    Here is a map with the different areas rich in pupae.


Tool for extracting chrysalises

It shouldn't come as a big surprise, but you need a level 3 Termite Ax in order to cut through the pupae. The even less surprising point is that to make it, you need pieces of termites. They are mostly found around the pile of wood, in the northwest corner of the map. You must kill Termite Soldiers in order to obtain their mandibles. Plan a crossbow or a good spear, since they fear piercing damage.


Obtain large amounts of Chrysalis Leather easily

As you will realize, the number of chrysalises to extract is quite limited. Then you have to wait a few days for them to reappear. The ratio for turning them into Chrysalis Leather is even worse than for bonus berries. It takes 5 Chrysalis Skins for a single piece of Chrysalis Leather . Suffice to say that you will exhaust your stock for not much.


Fortunately, the solution is very simple. Build at least one or two Meat Dryers in your base, if not more. By hanging 3 chrysalis skins on each, and waiting 8 hours (in game), you will obtain as many leathers, i.e. a leather ratio of 1 to 1, instead of 5 to 1. This is also valid for the Berry leather. It is therefore worth waiting a bit.

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