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Grounded pond moss: Where to find it and how to harvest it?

Grounded pond moss: Where to find it and how to harvest it?

In order to craft the best prop in the game, bringing the two elves together, you need foam. But it turns out to be much more difficult than expected, since, even if it looks like algae, it has nothing to do with it. Find out how to get by in this guide.

One of the false hopes that Grounded has given players is the discovery of the left Elf, Sarah's Charm. This unlocks a crafting blueprint requiring the Elf on the right, as well as Pond Moss. Players who then attempt to quickly obtain the second elf, hoping to quickly complete the spell, with seaweed are in for a nasty surprise. Pond moss is much more difficult to obtain, as we will see.

Sarah's Charm

If you have absolutely no idea what we just talked about, it might be a good idea to check out our guide to the Deputy Leader Map, as well as the Strain Lab Outpost. These are necessary steps in order to obtain accessories with very interesting powers. The first gives chances to repair your shield while blocking. The second sometimes repairs your weapon while attacking. The recipe allows you to merge the two, in order to have both powers at the same time, which greatly facilitates life.

Of course, the problem is that you need the famous Pond Moss. To do this, you will have to face the worst enemies in the game, which makes the adventure immediately less attractive.


Pond Moss Position

Contrary to what its name seems to indicate, this moss is not found in the main pond of the garden. You have to climb into the upper garden, and reach the small pond in height, around the plastic Castle of Moldorc, to the east of the map. It is then necessary to dive into the murky water, and search the bottom of the area, in order to find the precious pond mosses.

You can also find some in the body of water, below the shed. But to access the area, you have to collect all of BURG.L's Superchips, then find Dr. Wendell's SCA.B. Then, the hidden door to the east of the shed will open.


The tool for harvesting moss

Knowing the position of the moss is one thing, being able to harvest it is another. Indeed, you need a level 3 tool for this, and not just any. The Widow's Dagger , a level 3 dagger, crafted with Black Widow components. The worst enemy in the game outside of bosses. The worst part is that it takes 4 Super Spider Venom to craft it, and each Black Widow gives between 0 and 3 upon death. You have to kill at least 2 of them, but you may not have enough, even after killing them all.

Grounded weed stem: Where to find it and how to cut it?

One of the main building materials in the garden is weeds, a type of plant sturdier than grass. But you can't get it directly. Here is an explanatory guide to unlock you quickly.

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