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Grounded weed stem: Where to find it and how to cut it?

Grounded weed stem: Where to find it and how to cut it?

One of the main building materials in the garden is weeds, a type of plant sturdier than grass. But you can't get it directly. Here is an explanatory guide to unlock you quickly.

By taking your first steps in Grounded, you will quickly be able to make your first weapons, and start building a small base with freshly cut grass. But you will very quickly be limited in your projects. Gates, Dew Catchers, Ziplines, and dozens of other buildings require Weed Stems. And even if you find some, they are impossible to cut at the very beginning of the game.

Adventitia Cut

As in many survival games, the solution is simple: you have to craft a tool of a higher quality, level 2. More specifically, you need a level 2 Axe, which will require you to hunt for materials required. This is by far the level 2 tool you are going to need the most often, and the fastest. In addition, the ax is also very useful in combat against the majority of enemies that you will face at this point, such as large spiders, mosquitoes and others.


The good news is that the ax is easy to craft. The first step is to kill a Ladybug to get its head. You also have a chance to find this piece in spider cocoons, but it's random and dangerous. Next, you need Silk, which is obtained by destroying Cobwebs and Cocoons. There is no need to face large spiders directly. Then you need a spinning machine. The big difficulty lies in the bombardier ends.


You can find a bomber beetle to the east near the trowel trench. There's another one further to the east, and yet another to the west, not far north of the anthill. This enemy can be a bit scary, but it's not that dangerous if you face it in melee, or if you bombard it with arrows from high above. Above all, you have to learn to recognize his attacks, such as the triple explosion around him when you are in melee, and then it passes by itself.

Finding Adventitia

Once the ax is in hand, all that remains is to cut down plants of the right type. Fortunately, there are plenty of them, when you know what to look for. The simplest and most common is the basic weed plant, which looks like the plant below. There are some everywhere in the game, and they directly bear the name indicated, but this is not the only solution.


Dandelions are also good alternatives . You'll find them all over the game too. When you inspect them before you cut them, it doesn't indicate that they give weeds, but once cut down, the precious stems will appear. As a bonus, you will get a dandelion tuft, which serves as a parachute.

Finally, much later in your adventure, if you cut off the mist gas supply. New weed-source plants will appear all over the garden. You will, however, need a level 3 termite ax to take them down.

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