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Gnat Grounded: Easy position and farming to get the bow

Gnat Grounded: Easy position and farming to get the bow

In order to craft the bow and start progressing in Grounded, you need to hunt midge fuzz. It is not a dangerous activity, but quite frustrating, since they fly in all directions without ever landing. Here is a guide to hunt them quickly and easily.

In the small world of Grounded, you can't help but appreciate harmless insects. At least, until you need to kill dozens of them in order to get their materials and craft equipment. The Gnat is the very first waypoint of its kind, your only notable ranged weapon at the moment is gravel, and while a bow would be a great help in killing these vermin, you'll have to do without. Fortunately, rather than spending hours throwing pebbles in the air, we are going to offer you some alternatives.

Where to find gnats?

We can cross some of them in the lawn, for example near the strange machine. There are also some in flooded areas, such as the puddle to the east. They can also be found near lamps during the night, such as the one on Oak Hill.

The Oak Hill Lamp - Grounded
The Oak Hill Lamp

Easy Midge Farming

The thistle and the jazz figurine in the flooded area are good places to farm gnats during the day , by throwing gravel at them. You can even kill some in melee, by being well placed. But it's still quite slow and painful, especially since they tend to fall into the water afterwards, which makes them difficult to find. Their bodies are water damaged if you take too long, as a bonus.

Midge Farming Paradise - Grounded
Midge Farming Paradise

The best solution is to go to Oak Hill at night (the main quest sends you to the area). It is also easy to spot given its size. There is a large lamp with a stone base, to the right of the oak tree. It lights up at night , which attracts hordes of gnats. You can easily reach the lamp by climbing on roots and branches. Just avoid being spotted by a Wolf Spider along the way. Placing a resurrection point via a shelter in the area can be a good idea. All you have to do is climb on the edge of the lamp, and kill the gnats in melee very easily . If you're playing multiplayer, or aren't afraid of back and forth, you can also easily kill midges a bit further from the lamp with gravel. They will then fall below, and you have to pick them up. The problem is that it's in the patrol area of the Wolf Spiders, which are active at night, so be careful.


Gnat materials

On the bodies of midges, you will find 2 useful materials:

  • Gnat Down : Required to craft the base bow, among other things.
  • Raw midge meat : Can be cooked. Don't eat it raw.

    Gnats sometimes carry pollen or rotting meat. You can collect these bonus items when this is the case.

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