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Grounded Mint: Where to find it, what is it for?

Grounded Mint: Where to find it, what is it for?

Peppermint Chunks are one of the resources you'll need to collect regularly as you travel the Grounded map. Harvesting them with your hammer will unlock a vital mutation for exploring the dreaded sandbox.

We hope your survival on the Grounded map is going well, in this guide we will see everything there is to know about breath mints, an almost essential ingredient for your survival comfort in the second part of the game. 'story. After many adventures in the waters of the koi carp pond, it is now time to venture into the formidable sandpit, passing by the picnic table.

Where can I find peppermint candies?

An area with many pellets is accessible almost from the start of the game. In the central region of the lower part of the garden , you will find an overturned candy box in which you can stock up on pellets. For the mutation associated with it, the different levels are unlocked at 1, 5, then 10 pieces swallowed per person. Other sweets are scattered around the garden, usually in anthills or insect nests.


What are they for ?

First of all, the mints are used for food, however after eating a few pieces you will unlock the first third of the protective freshness mutation. This will mitigate the effects of sizzling, very disabling during your exploration of the sandbox. To be really quiet, gobble 10 bonbecs as soon as you can in order to reach tier 3 of this essential passive for the desert. Finally, this is one of the components for frozen weapons that you can craft in the late game.

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