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Grounded Acid Gland: Where to find it?

Grounded Acid Gland: Where to find it?

In order to craft quite a few pieces of equipment and buildings, you need acid in Grounded. This is especially useful for the red chitin armor of ants. Here is a guide with a list of places and enemies to farm them easily.

To progress well in Grounded, it is important to kill and analyze everything you come across. But the garden is vast, and the enemies are both numerous and dangerous. It is sometimes difficult to find exactly the object you are looking for quickly. Luckily, this shouldn't be too difficult for the Acid Gland.


Sources of Acid Glands

This type of material is only found on insects, and more specifically:

  • The Larvae
  • The Red Ant Soldiers
  • Infected Larvae
  • ladybug larvae
  • Termites

    In practice, when you start a game and look for your first acid glands, it is better to farm them on the Larvae. Red Ant Soldiers can be an option if you're careful. The rest is far too dangerous, in addition to being difficult to access.


Position of Larvae and Red Ant Soldiers

It's all well and good to know which enemies drop acid glands, but then you have to go farm them. Fortunately, larvae are very common. You can find them all over the eastern part of the lawn. There is a cave that contains dozens of them, as well as a clearing in which they are found in large numbers. There are also larvae to dig up with a shovel, a little south of the starting point, with Maggots. It's a good way to farm two useful resources at the same time. Finally, there are many larvae hiding in the southeast corner, under the power outlet, near the Hedge. There are also bays nearby. Provide a shield and a spear or a bow to hunt the larvae, they are vulnerable to piercing damage. You also need good timing with the shield parry, which allows you to take the advantage. When a larva is almost dead, it will take flight, so it must be finished off quickly. Throwing your spear at him can be a solution, but be careful not to lose it.

Green dots: Larvae / Red dot: Anthill - Grounded
Green dots: Larvae / Red dot: Anthill

The Red Ant Soldiers can be found around the Anthill (in red on the map). This is a little northwest of the first Research Post. Try to attract them one by one, otherwise you will have a very bad time. Plan an ax and a shield, or use the Ladybugs and the Thumbtacks in the area so that your enemies kill each other.

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