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Grounded Bomber Beetle: Where to find it and how to beat it?

Grounded Bomber Beetle: Where to find it and how to beat it?

Check out our step-by-step guide to getting Bomber Parts for your Tier 2 Axe, and other useful crafting recipes. Weak point, vulnerability to damage, and tactics to use, we tell you everything.

Progressing in Grounded often requires stepping out of your comfort zone, and facing increasingly dangerous enemies. The bombardier beetle is a big step above the mites and ants, but with a bit of method it's fairly easy to kill without taking any risks.

Position of bombardier beetles

This insect is not particularly rare, you can find it in almost all directions around the starting point. If it is for a first fight, it is better to go face the one above the red anthill in the North-West, or that of the Trench of the trowel, in the East . The one near the ants can be killed with the assistance of the ant soldiers, if you do it right. There are 3 beetles in the southeast corner of the map, but their number and the spiders in the area make the fight dangerous. Finally, the toxic mist beetles in the southwest are already dead, which is a plus, but you need a gas mask to enter the area. The infected larvae present nearby do not make it easy either.

There are also a bombardier beetle or two to the far east, against the garden wall. But watch out for mosquitoes.


Useful information

  • The Bomber Beetle takes more damage from Axes.
  • His weak point is his posterior, which he uses to spit acid. It's difficult to exploit solo, since he'll tend to face you. But in multiplayer, it will help a lot.
  • This insect has 4 different attacks:
  • A ball of acid projected from a distance, with an arc-shaped trajectory. This means that he can hit you behind an obstacle, even a little high up. It really hurts a lot, and the puddle left on the ground continues to inflict it. The good thing is that you can use it to bring other insects into battle, such as Ladybugs and Ants. The bomber only uses this attack on a distant target, never in melee.
  • A splash of acid in front of him, in the form of a cone: Circle around him, move far enough away, or block to the shield. It's only dangerous if you're already close enough. The damage is modest. You can tell when he's going to throw it, since his abdomen bulges out as he points it forward.
  • A triple projection of acid balls around him: This is the most dangerous thing in melee. His abdomen swells, and he shoots vertically. The best thing to do is sprint backwards.
  • In melee, he only has one basic attack. It hurts rather badly, but he doesn't use it often. It can be blocked easily.

    Tip : The Beetle's acid attacks cannot hit you if you are hidden high enough, or if the ceiling above the Beetle is too low. Confronting him in a small cave or under a rock may be the solution.


Ranged combat

If you have already crafted the bow, after killing Gnats, it is easy to kill the Bomber Beetles, with a little patience. Just hide high, for example on a thistle or on rocks, and shoot your arrows , until death ensues. Try to aim for his rear end.

Confronting the beetle at the same height as him, or even lower, is really dangerous, since you will be quite exposed to acid balls, unless you manage your movements very well.

Melee combat

With an ax and a shield, this fight isn't too difficult, as long as you stick the beetle well. You have to block his few melee attacks, and above all, be prepared to step back when he raises his posterior to vertically shoot 3 balls of acid.

Tip : You can sprint backwards, so you don't have to turn around. This should help you establish a good safe distance before you get doused in acid.

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