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Elden Ring: New trailer, Taipei Game Show announcement

Elden Ring: New trailer, Taipei Game Show announcement

The mysterious Elden Ring has been announced for the Sony exhibition at the upcoming Taipei Game Show 2020. The game will not be playable in Taipei, while a new trailer for Elden Ring has also aired.

Elden Ring: New trailer, Taipei Game Show announcement

Since the announcement of Elden Ring at E3 2019, little more has been revealed about the mysterious new title from Dark Souls developer FromSoftware and Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin. 

Now, thanks to China & Asia market specialist Daniel Ahmad via Sony's Taipei Game Show 2020 exhibition page, it has been revealed that the game will be part of the Sony exhibition at the first major event of the season.

As mentioned in his tweets, Ahmad expects this to simply be a localised version of that initial trailer we all saw at E3 last year. 

No other information has been released about the game's involvement in Taipei, so it remains to be seen just what will transpire. 

Either way, Elden Ring is sure to be one of the most anticipated titles of the coming year — if it is even released this year — thanks to the reputations of its creators. It has been described by Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki as 'the natural evolution of Dark Souls'. 

The Taipei Game Show 2020 takes place between Thursday, 6 February and Sunday, 9 February, 2020, and is the largest video games trade fair in the Asia-Pacific region.

New trailer reveals little

Speaking of new content, a new trailer has been released by CGI specialists Digic Pictures: 

This version appears to be a re-edit of the one we saw in June, with new music and a new logo among other things — yet the lack of anything new raises a few questions.

We don't know yet if it's this is just a tease on their part before an announcment of anything more substantial in Taipei, but for the moment Elden Ring doesn't have a release date nor has it been officially confirmed for specific platforms. 

However, the Sony involvement in Taipei seems to confirm it will be released on the PlayStation platform — and given the dearth of information, means it is most likely going to appear on the upcoming PlayStation 5.

Either way, we'll find out whether we will be treated to more information in little over four weeks' time. Stay tuned!

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