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PS5: Everything you need to know about Sony's next-gen console

PS5: Everything you need to know about Sony's next-gen console

This is the umpteenth update of our news about the Sony Playstation 5, with all the concrete information about it: its price, date, pre-order, games, the Playstation Plus Collection and much more. To find out everything about the PS5, this is here!

PS5: Everything you need to know about Sony's next-gen console

Only a few months to go before the official release of the PS5, the next console from the Sony PlayStation team. After a rather particular communication in recent months, we were finally able to witness the future of gaming thanks to the live of September 16.

The meeting was an opportunity to finally get the price and release date of the console, but also an amazing reveal of big games like God of War Ragnarok, Hogwarts Legacy, Demon's Souls and more...

This article is, in any case, entirely dedicated to the next-generation PlayStation with everything you need to know about it and regular updates, so don't hesitate to bookmark it.

Price and Release Date

  • Price: PS5 Standard Edition: $499.99 / €499.99 / £449.99 / ¥49,980
    PS5 Digital Edition: $399.99 / €399.99 / £359.99 / ¥39,980
  • Release date: The PlayStation 5 will release on November 12 in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. Then, the console will be realeased on November 19 in the rest of the world.

Sony reveals PS5 price, release date and preorder details

This time it's concrete: the price and the release date of the PlayStation 5 were officialy unveiled during the PlayStation Showcase earlier.

PS5 pre-order

At the moment, it's a bit of a mess for players interested in buying a PS5: all stocks are being robbed in just a few minutes, and while pre-orders were indicated for Thursday morning, September 17, many retailers begun the sale the same evening, right after the conference dedicated to the machine. According to Jim Ryan, there should be more PS5s in circulation than PS4s at the time, we'd like to think that's a good sign, but given the propensity for people to rip the stock in 30 seconds, there's reason to be dubious. Worst case scenario, the "more than 10" will be able to pre-order the PS5 in gold.

Other information

List of games

That's it, the Playstation 5 finally has a line-up! The live on June 9th was indeed the opportunity to discover the first games that will feed the hard drive of the next Sony console. However, it's already been several months since some publishers came out of their silence to announce PS5 versions of titles already announced, you can find them in the list below. Few big surprises finally but some nice confirmations like Demon's Souls Remake or Horizon 2.

The bad tongues will always be able to retort that it lacked a bit of madness, but in the end it was the variety that won and no distinction was made between big AAA machines and more modest projects, which is a great thing!

PlayStation Plus Collection brings top PS4 games to PS5

The PlayStation Plus Collection is a new feature coming to PS Plus for the release of the PS5. It will allow you to digitally download and play several classic PS4 titles.

PS5 packaging and box content revealed

Discover the official box art for the PlayStation 5, as well as what you'll find inside.


It's a certainty, Sony will be replicating the VR experience with the PS5, after the great success of the first model. There are a few rumors about this new device and these are all listed in the article below. As for the new controller, called DualSense, it will offer haptic feedback vibrations and will integrate a create button.


PS5: List of announced games

Discover all the games that have been unveiled on the Sony PS5 with this article which will be updated with each game announcement.

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