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Overwatch: Year of the Rat event, Lunar New Year 2020

Overwatch: Year of the Rat event, Lunar New Year 2020

With an earlier start than usual, Overwatch kicks off the Chinese New Year festivities! Read all about the Year of the Rat event taking place from January 16 to February 5 in this article.

Jeff warned us: the calendar of Overwatch events would be turned upside down this year! While it usually starts around January 24, it will start with the Year of the Rat event from January 16 to February 5.


You'll be able to find all the old skins from previous years, as well as new skins which you can already discover in the article below!

All Overwatch Year of the Rat skins have been revealed!

Following the announcement of the next Sombra skin for the Chinese New Year, different leaks show the totality of the skins for our heroes. All the skins are on this article.

You can find the Capture the Flag mode brought by the Year of the Dog event in 2018 as well as the KOTH Busan Night map. This event should also bring back the competitive version of the game mode — which will allow you to win Competition Points, new tags and icons.

The event should be similar to past years with the introduction of weekly challenges, each offering an icon, a tag and a skin.

Capture the Flag makes its big comeback with its own competitive mode!

The Overwatch Chinese New Year event has just begun and the festivities are in full swing! Between new skins and the return of the Capture the Flag game mode, you'll have plenty to do. Find out all about this game mode in this article.

The weekly challenges are back in Overwatch during the three weeks of the event!

Check out all the winneable skins in the Overwatch Year of the Rat weekly challenges

Win six Overwatch games and you'll unlock exclusive cosmetics during the entire Year of the Rat event. Find all the rewards in this article.


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