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Fall Guys: Launch Numbers & Statistics

Fall Guys: Launch Numbers & Statistics

Launched worldwide barely two weeks ago, the party game has carved out a place among the greats in the summer of 2020. The numbers of downloads and simultaneous players will make you, and the servers, quite dizzy.

Fall Guys: Launch Numbers & Statistics

Fall Guys, the party game by Mediatonic has had an overwhelming success, which doesn't seem to fade. The first sets of data and statistics on connections and players bear witness to this. On August 13, around a week after the official release of the title, NextGenPlayer reported 10 million downloads (8 million on PS4, and 2 million on Steam). They also showed a graphic with some key numbers.

We learn, for example, that a week after the launch, 60,000,000 little men were thrown into the void.

The viewing figures on Twitch are also more than convincing. As of August 13, it was estimated that more than 23 million hours were watched on the platform. Hardly surprising when we know that the game had momentarily had League of Legends, Fortnite and Warzone in its rearview mirror on Twitch, during a beta phase weekend.

The PS4 stats are arguably the most impressive. There are four times as many console players as there are PCs. In addition, the developers fully expect to inflate console downloads with the implementation of the split screen feature, currently in the pipeline.

Crossplay has been confirmed for Fall Guys

Crossplay between PC and PS4 is highly anticipated in Fall Guys. Mediatonic'sconfirmed the release of Cross Platform for the game.

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