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Players demand nerf to Warzone's melee damage

Players demand nerf to Warzone's melee damage

Melee damage is the latest overpowered mechanic to appear in Warzone, much to the annoyance of players

Players demand nerf to Warzone's melee damage

Season 3 of Warzone is in full swing and just days after Raven Software applied a wealth of changes to the battle royale, players are expressing their frustrations surrounding the melee mechanics.

Melee damage has been a hot topic of conversation since Warzone released, often requiring just two hits in order to down an opponent meaning that beating someone to the ground is often a more efficient method of scoring a kill than using some of the available weapons.

The subject of Warzone's damage had quietened down until some content creators began to show their frustrations once again. 

Calls For Warzone Melee Damage To Be Nerfed

Newly-appointed member of NRG Esports and popular content creator IceManIsaac uploaded a clip displaying the deadly power of melee in Warzone.

Despite having three armor plates equipped and using every movement trick in the book to escape the opponent, they still manage to hit two swift punches to send the streamer to the ground, much to his disbelief.

The Warzone developer has yet to respond to this particular concern but considering it has engaged in conversation with other popular streamers, there is every chance that melee damage in Warzone is being looked at and chances could be coming in the not too distant future.

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