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Everything about the Hogwarts Legacy Story

Everything about the Hogwarts Legacy Story

The State of Play's long gameplay video allowed us to learn a lot more about the history of Hogwarts Legacy and here's what we know

The gameplay trailer for Horgwarts Legacy revealed tons of information about the future RPG Harry Potter. This was an opportunity to learn more about fights, skills, housing, fantastic animals, the game's release date, relationships or even the scenario.

Arrival at Hogwarts in 5th year

Welcomed by Professor Eleazar Fig , we embody a student who must begin his education at Hogwarts school in the 5th year directly. The narrator of the trailer then explains to us that we can control a very old magic and that it is obviously something rare. Kind of chosen as Harry Potter was, our character can then use this magic to discover secret passages within the school itself.

Officially, Hogwarts is indeed a school that is full of ancient magic. Professor Fig may have called on us to find out more and use our power to discover the secrets of the castle, who knows? Once the creation of our character is complete and the potential choice of the house made, we will attend the cutscene where Professor Fig explains his dismay in the face of the current goblin rebellion . The man in front of him then hands a copy of the Daily Prophet on which we can read the following date: September 1, 1890.

Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy

This is undoubtedly the date on which our character will return to Hogwarts. This coincides with the presence of little Albus Dumbledore , who we will probably see entering school two years later, in 1892. In the official PlayStation blogpost, the game's scriptwriter, Moira Squier, returned to the story of 'Hogwarts Legacy.

“Like Harry before them, players will experience the feeling of arriving at a new school of sorcery where they don't know anyone. And, like Harry, the character they play has a small notoriety from the start due to the fact that he started his schooling in the fifth year and survived…”
Moira Squier, scénariste d'Hogwarts Legacy (Source)

Without too much spoiler, Moira clearly announces that the protagonist experienced a tragic episode in his adolescence and he is the only survivor. This would also explain why he can see Thestrals in the trailer. As a reminder, these creatures are only visible to those who have witnessed someone's death (like Harry and Luna in the movies, for example).

Hogwarts Legacy

The Goblin Rebellion and the Dark Mage

The protagonist is obviously not the only important character in the Hogwarts Legacy storyline. We saw it in a previous article, the great villain of the story is none other than Victor Rookwood, a powerful Black Mage , comparable to Grindelwald or Voldemort. He is then able to control creatures, summon Inferi (living dead), cast unforgivable spells like Avada Kedavra or even create horcruxes. His ultimate goal is to control my Ancient Magic that you as a player possess, and for that he will need the help of Rannrok, the leader of the Goblin Rebellion.

Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy

That's about all we know about the Hogwarts Legacy storyline so far. We know the story's big bad (a dark mage), what he's looking for (ancient magic), who has what he's looking for (us, the player), who helps him accomplish this task (Rannrok the Goblin), and how he creates a diversion so as not to be detected (an intense Goblin rebellion then making the headlines). It remains to be seen how the system of choices will be used in the game and if it will be possible to really join the Evil or the Good.

For the time, it is very clear that the game will start on September 1, 1890 but we do not know if we will be able to pass exams and thus access the 6th and 7th years of Hogwarts or if the game will end in the summer of 1891. As a reminder, Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy will be available at the end of 2022 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch (yes you read that right).

Hogwarts Legacy gameplay: 14 mind-blowing minutes at Hogwarts and beyond!

The State of Play for Hogwarts Legacy revealed 14 minutes of gameplay on PS5 showing us fights, potions, craft, housing, fantastic animals and school exploration.

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