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Elden Ring: The secret of this boss finally unlocked!

Elden Ring: The secret of this boss finally unlocked!

While many of the Shardless were curious about the mysterious Rennala egg, a YouTuber made a surprising discovery. Like what, months after its release, Elden Ring continues to reveal its secrets!

The lore of Elden Ring, fabulously written by George RR Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki, transports players to the Underworld, in a world scarred by countless wars between humans, creatures, gods and demi-gods. In short, there is no dull moment in the latest big production from FromSoftware studios.

The bosses themselves also have their own history, it is even they who undoubtedly contain the most information on the past of the Underworld as well as on the bursting because many participated in it. While some players are interested in the enigmatic plot surrounding Miquella and her fearsome sister Malenia, there is one that many have overlooked yet hides an unfortunate secret...

The Mystery of Rennala's Egg

The queen of the full moon had a very sad story. Abandoned by her husband who left to marry Marika to become Lord of Elden, she was locked in her tower with an egg. The latter has intrigued many players because, although it contains its major rune allowing the Shardless to respecialize, its content with respect to lore remains rather vague. While many thought of a lost child, a YouTuber enlightened the curious by directly observing the inside of the egg.

Neophyte scholars you say?

Indeed, according to Youtuber Zullie the Witch , used to dissecting every little hidden detail of FromSoftware's game with software, it would indeed be the neophyte/juvenile scholars who would be in the egg in question. . The latter accompany in particular the first phase of the boss and although not very resistant, they remain a good distraction which Rennala takes advantage of to annihilate the players.

Yet, the previously observed egg in Rennala's arms did not show the malformed bodies of scholars. Because yes, it was necessary to be interested in the one found in the kinematics , during which indeed we can see shapes in the egg of the queen of the full moon.

Something to make some people shiver , especially since the FromSoftware teams have not revealed any details concerning the Rennala egg and thus, the theories are going well. And you then, why do you think the queen of the full moon keeps her scholars warm?

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