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FFXIV Moonfire Faire 2020 Event Guide

The 2020 edition of the FFXIV Moonfire Faire is back and brings new items like the Summer's Flame Top exclusive bikini, a new dance and more.

FFXIV: How to unlock the Pixie Beast Tribe

Released with Patch 5.1 of FFXIV the Pixie Beast Tribe is a very good way of farming Materias like the Savage Might VIII. Here is how to unlock the Pixie Beast Tribe

FFXIV Breaking Brick Mountains 2020 Event Guide

Breaking Brick Mountains is back as a seasonal event in Final Fantasy XIV. The event in collaboration with Dragon Quest will make you chase after golems and reward you with items like the King Slime Crown, the Wind-up Brickman minion or the Thug's Mug. Check out all about the FF14 event here.

FFXIV How to Fly Guide

Are you tired to see people flying while you're stuck on the ground with your lovely mount in FF14? In this guide we'll cover the method to unlock flying in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Maiden's Rhapsody 2020 Event Guide

The Maiden's Rhapsody is back as a seasonal event in 2020. Memories of an Unseen Realm bring new exclusive items and quests. In this guide we'll cover how to start the event quest, complete it and earn the exclusive rewards such as the Amatsu Togi and Amatsu Haidate for this edition.

FFXIV How to Create or Join a Free Company

A Free Company is one of the social options you have in Final Fantasy XIV. Joining a Free Company will grant you various bonuses like an xp buff or a shared stash. What is the minimum to join a Free Company or to create one? Everything you need to know about the process in this guide for FF14

FFXIV How to set up hotbars, HUD configuration

Changing how your interface looks can help you in clearing Final Fantasy XIV content. In this guide we will cover the basics of what you can do with the interface configuration, how to set your hotbars and change the size or hide elements in your FF14 HUD.

FFXIV: Changing your look easily using Glamour Plates

In Final Fantasy XIV, players can change how armor looks by using Glamour Prisms, but doing so every time you change a piece of equipment can get tiring. In this guide, we'll take a look at how to save multiple outfits and apply them to your gear in just a few seconds.

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