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Here's how to unlock the Eden raids in FFXIV

FFXIV Raids and Alliance Raids
Here's how to unlock the Eden raids in FFXIV

The Eden raids are the endgame raids from Patch 5.01 to Patch 5.4 of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. The twelve bosses are divided into three chapters: Eden’s Gate, Verse and Promise. Here's our guide on how to unlock all Eden raids.

Here's how to unlock the Eden raids in FFXIV

The Eden raids are the level 80 endgame raiding experience of Final Fantasy XIV. These 12 raids are unlocked aside the main story quests. The twelve fights are divided into three parts, as follows:

Eden’s Gate:

  • Resurrection — With Eden as the boss
  • Descent — With Voidwalker as the boss
  • Inundation — With Leviathan as the boss
  • Sepulture — With Titan as the boss

Eden’s Verse:

  • Fulmination — With Ramuh as the boss
  • Furor — With Garuda and Ifrit as the bosses
  • Iconoclasm — With The Idol of Darkness as the boss
  • Refulgence — With Shiva as the boss

Eden’s Promise:

  • Umbra — With Cloud of Darkness as the boss
  • Litany — With Shadowkeeper as the boss
  • Anamorphosis — With Fatebreaker as the boss
  • Eternity — With Eden’s Promise as the boss

How to unlock Eden’s Gate in FFXIV

To unlock the first raid chapter of the Eden series you will need to complete the quest called “Deploy the Core” given by Rine in The Empty.

If this quest and The Empty are not available to you yet, you’ll need to complete “In the Middle of Nowhere” quest given by Anxious Crystarium Guard in the Crystarium (X: 9.8 Y: 12.4).

How to unlock Eden’s Verse in FFXIV

After completing the first four bosses you’ll be able to accept the quest called “Blood and Thunder" given by Gaia in The Empty.

This quest will only be available if you cleared the first Chronicle of a New Era quest from Patch 5.2. This quest called “Away with the Faerie” is given by Yalfort in Amh Araeng.

How to unlock Eden’s Promise

Once again, after completing the previous tier bosses and story quest players will be able to take the two quests that will unlock Eden’s Promise.

The first one, called “Empty Promise”, is given by Yalfort in Amh Araeng (X: 26.8 Y: 16.7), followed by “Fear of the Dark”, given by the same NPC but in The Empty this time.

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