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Here's how to get the tank mounts in FFXIV

Here's how to get the tank mounts in FFXIV

The tanks have a little privilege in Final Fantasy XIV, as each tanking class has two exclusive mounts. These mounts can take quite a while to farm, as they're unlocked via achievements. Here is our complete guide on how to get your hands on the eight tanking mounts available.

Here's how to get the tank mounts in FFXIV

Gathering mounts in Final Fantasy XIV can be a core part of the game for some players, and if you’re planning on getting them all you will also have to play your tanks. A lot.

In fact tanks get exclusive mounts, just like the White Mage, although these are way harder to obtain.

In Final Fantasy XIV the four tanks can get two exclusive mounts each. These mounts have both a classic version and an upgraded version. The upgraded version is the same mount, but this time with armor and more detail.

The eight mounts are unlocked after finishing these specific achievements:

  • Warrior:
    War Bear → But Somebody’s Gotta Do it (Warrior)
    Battle Bear → Tank You, Warrior III
  • Paladin:
    War Lion → But Somebody’s Gotta Do it (Paladin)
    Battle Lion → Tank You, Paladin III
  • Dark Knight:
    War Panther → But Somebody’s Gotta Do it (Dark Knight)
    Battle Panther → Tank You, Dark Knight III
  • Gunbreaker:
    War Tiger → Tank You, Gunbreaker II
    Battle Tiger → Tank You, Gunbreaker III

Completing these achievements can take quite a long time -- and even longer if you’re not a tank main. Here's how to complete these achievements:

  • But Somebody’s Gotta Do it X → Complete 200 high-level full-party duties as X.
    By high-level, we mean anything that is an Extreme Trial, a Normal Raid or a Savage Raid.
  • Tank You, X II → Complete 200 dungeons (lvl 61+), Extreme Trials (lvl 61+), 50/60/70 roulette duties or leveling roulettes as X.
  • Tank You, X III → Complete 300 dungeons (lvl 61+), Extreme Trials (lvl 61+), 50/60/70 roulette duties or leveling roulettes as X.

To complete these, I personally chose to farm Extreme Trials from Shadowbringers, in order to also farm the gwiber mounts and increase these achievement counts at the same time. The combo is nice, as you’ll potentially get two mounts from the farm.

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