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Pet Grounded: How to tame an insect?

It is possible to get a pet like an Aphid, Gnat or Weevil in Grounded, which will give you a passive bonus. Here's what you need to know to attract him and make him happy, as well as the benefits he'll give you.

Map of Grounded Assistant Manager: Position, how to get it?

In order to access the various secret laboratories in the garden, you need a special access card held by a boss. Here are all the details explained in order to find it and beat it, then the list of doors that the card can open.

Grounded Strain Lab: How to get in?

One of the last areas of the garden features a huge decaying stump, with its share of secrets and loot waiting for you. Here's a guide with the info you need to explore the area, and get the right elf from Sarah's talisman.

Black Widow Grounded: Position and how to beat her?

If you found the Wolf Spider a pain, prepare to cry with the Black Widow. There are 4 in total, hidden in the garden. Killing them can be difficult at times, but the loot is worth it. Find out all the info in this guide, and how to get the level 3 dagger.

Grounded sandbox: How to get in?

In the small world of Grounded, it's the normal-sized children's playground that serves as the hostile wasteland. But a titanic orange plastic wall bars your way to the sandcastle. Find out how to enter this biome, with this walkthrough guide.

Milk Molars Grounded: List and position on the map

These special treats give fantastic permanent passive bonuses to your teens, making them vital to progressing in Grounded. Here is a map with directions to find them, as well as a guide on how to use them and their bonuses.

Grounded picnic table: How to get on it?

The gigantic garden table is like an inaccessible tray for miniaturized teenagers. You will have to be inventive in order to climb on it. Here is a guide, with precise explanations, on the method to follow.

Grounded Mint: Where to find it, what is it for?

Peppermint Chunks are one of the resources you'll need to collect regularly as you travel the Grounded map. Harvesting them with your hammer will unlock a vital mutation for exploring the dreaded sandbox.

Grounded Minotaur Labyrinth Key: Where to find it?

In order to open the chest at the end of the maze of the picnic table, you have to get your hands on a very well hidden key. Here is a guide with all the explanations and the prerequisites to be fulfilled. the effort is worth it, with a BURG.L Chip and a Mega Milk Molar as a reward.

Grounded Acid Gland: Where to find it?

In order to craft quite a few pieces of equipment and buildings, you need acid in Grounded. This is especially useful for the red chitin armor of ants. Here is a guide with a list of places and enemies to farm them easily.

Grounded red anthill: Position and how to enter?

One of the first major goals to set in the garden is to explore the anthill. It's full of fantastic items and materials, including a BURG.L chip, Milk Molars, Red Ant Eggs, and even pieces of armor. Here is a guide on how to do it.

Grounded Bay: Where to find them, what are they used for?

We continue our Grounded wiki with this new resource guide dedicated to the berries that you can collect in the garden. And you will need a small supply of it, because it is a resource that will be useful to you throughout the duration of the adventure.

Level 2 Grounded Axe: How to get it?

To continue your progress in the garden of Grounded, you absolutely need a better ax, as quickly as possible. Here is an explanatory guide with the required materials and tips on how to find them quickly.

Grounded sharpening stone: How to use it?

In order to improve your weapons in Grounded, and finally be able to get revenge on those damn spiders, you need to make whetstones with pieces of quartzite and marble. But it's not always very clear, here is an explanatory guide on how the forge works.

Level 2 Grounded Hammer: How to get it?

To break Quartzite and Sturdy Marble, as well as Milk Molars, you need a Bug Hammer in Grounded. It is also a good weapon against robots. Here is a guide with its materials, in order to get it as quickly as possible.

Grounded Thistle Needle: Where to find it?

In order to make your first arrows and thus kill spiders easily in Grounded, you need thistle thorns in large quantities. Discover their different positions on the map, with some tips and advice in this guide.

Grounded Arachnophobia Mode: Settings and Impact on Gameplay

The fear of spiders and arachnids is by far the most widespread phobia in the world, and there are many of these critters in the garden that serves as a world. The developers have therefore thought of the players, by offering a tool called Arachnophobes mode, in order to modify their appearance.

Gnat Grounded: Easy position and farming to get the bow

In order to craft the bow and start progressing in Grounded, you need to hunt midge fuzz. It is not a dangerous activity, but quite frustrating, since they fly in all directions without ever landing. Here is a guide to hunt them quickly and easily.

Grounded Mutations: List and how to unlock them?

The progression of your teenagers in the garden is not done via levels, but by unlocking mutations offering passive bonuses. Find all the mutations in this guide, with explanations on what to do to get them quickly.

Grounded Ladybug: How to kill one?

Who would have thought that killing a nice ladybug would be both so important, but above all so difficult? It is, however, an obligatory passage point. Discover our combat guide, with tips and advice on how to beat her and thus unlock level 2 tools.

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