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Map of Grounded Assistant Manager: Position, how to get it?

Map of Grounded Assistant Manager: Position, how to get it?

In order to access the various secret laboratories in the garden, you need a special access card held by a boss. Here are all the details explained in order to find it and beat it, then the list of doors that the card can open.

Grounded includes tons of secrets and hard-to-reach passages. Sometimes it takes the right tools, or you just have to jump the right way. In other cases, a passage must be built. But in the case of laboratories, you need the right access card. Luckily, it's hard to miss, even if it's not necessarily easy to get, since it's held by the Assistant Manager, a well-armed robot.

Go to Deputy Manager

This robot is at the bottom of the laboratory of the black anthill. You can reach it by going through the Sandbox, or by the entrance to the gallery in the middle of the garbage cans, in the southwest corner of the garden. You must then explore the galleries and unlock doors A and B of the laboratory via the computers. You need at least 2 bombs , but counting the side passages full of bonuses and Milk Molars, it is better to have 5 or 6. If you use your bombs for bonus loot, you will not be able to reach the boss.

You will eventually reach beds, we advise you to make it your resurrection point. Leaving this laboratory and taking the previously closed passage, you will eventually reach a large room with Black Ant Soldiers, and a button in height, which opens the metal shutter located in front of the bay window. You must then place a bomb on the cracked part of the window , in order to break it, and thus reach the boss. Here is its approximate position on the map, keep in mind that it is underground.


Fight against the Deputy Manager

  • It's a tough fight, which will require you to play well. We advise you to use level 2 or even 3 armor . The Level 2 Hammer is also the best choice of melee weapon. If you're not confident in your level of play, waiting until you have the level 3 hammer might be wiser.
  • Provide bandages, even smoothies of care. There are 5 in a chest in the lab you just visited.
  • A good way to make the fight easier, but also more chaotic, is to lure the 2 Black Ant Soldiers from the previous room into the boss room, before activating the computer. By avoiding facing the ants, they will face the robots in your place.
  • The Deputy Manager himself is not too dangerous, the problem is that he regularly calls other robots for help, they must be eliminated first. Then the boss will activate the rotating lasers in the middle of the room. You have to duck to dodge some, and jump to avoid another. You can spin around the room, following a laser, so you only have to perform one of these actions. The lasers go extremely badly, dodging them is the top priority.
  • When the boss's life is low, he will start to activate the 4 electricity pylons around the room, you can avoid damage by placing yourself in the center, but be careful, if the lasers activate, you may suffer.
  • The boss' weak point is the stack in his back. You can also interrupt the activation of lasers and pylons by stunning him, which requires attacking aggressively.
  • When the Assistant Manager throws his electric ball at you, you can bounce it by blocking with your shield, although that doesn't seem intuitive. This avoids taking heavy damage.

List of doors opened by the Assistant Manager's Card

There are at least 3 laboratory annexes opened by the Deputy Manager's Map, in addition to the door just after the boss, of course.

  • The first is in the middle of the Sandbox, just on the surface. You will probably come across her naturally on your way to the boss.
  • The second door is in the pond , you can see a bay window with a closed door, close to the roots of the oak tree. You have to go through an airlock and then a flooded corridor, before unlocking the door. This lab contains the first part of Sarah's talisman. This lab also includes a lever that opens the door to the Strain Lab, in the northeast corner of the garden.
  • The entrance to the final annex is behind another sans, in the pond, directly below the stone structure that includes a research station. You have to go under water, once more.
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