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Grounded Bay: Where to find them, what are they used for?

Grounded Bay: Where to find them, what are they used for?

We continue our Grounded wiki with this new resource guide dedicated to the berries that you can collect in the garden. And you will need a small supply of it, because it is a resource that will be useful to you throughout the duration of the adventure.

Like any good self-respecting survival game, Grounded has a small stock of valuable resources that will be useful for crafting that significantly improves your comfort and your chances of surviving in the world. Berries are clearly one of them, since they will be necessary to improve some of the tools necessary for your progress in the story. In this guide we will see where to find them and how to transform them.

Where to find berries?

Berries are easily found in the large tree that leads to the Hedge Lab. As you can see in the image below, this is the area that encompasses the entire southeast corner of the garden map . You must detach them with your bow or spear, then smash them with your ax to collect up to 4 pieces per berry. In multiplayer, designate someone to unclip them while another player chops them up when they fall to the ground.


What are they for ?

Harvested Berry Chunks will allow you to craft Berry Leather at your Workshop . To learn this recipe, you just need to scan a tip in a map research station. For a piece of leather, you will have to sacrifice 3 bits of berry, unless you have a dryer in your base: this device allows you to harvest 1 leather against only 1 bit of berry . Berry leather is used in the composition of many very useful pieces of equipment, such as the level 2 axe, the helmet-torch or the ladybug set . It's a component you're going to need throughout your backyard adventure, so be sure to stock up big as soon as you can.

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