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Grounded picnic table: How to get on it?

Grounded picnic table: How to get on it?

The gigantic garden table is like an inaccessible tray for miniaturized teenagers. You will have to be inventive in order to climb on it. Here is a guide, with precise explanations, on the method to follow.

Elden Ring players have the Altus board, Grounded teens have the picnic table. In both cases, it is necessary to solve a kind of enigma to go up. Fortunately, it's relatively simple when you know what to do.


To start, you need a Merguez'plosif bomb . We won't go into the whole process for you, but it does involve killing mist enemies for their spores, and stealing red ant eggs. Plan a large stock of bombs, the game will often ask you to use them to pass.


Go to the shovel planted in the ground, at the southeast corner of the picnic table. It rests against a cracked rock, which you just have to detonate with the bomb (walk away). It will then tilt, which will create a passage to the bench of the table.

  • Climb on the handle of the shovel. And be careful, all the bees in the area are hostile.
  • Your new destination is the bench opposite. To reach it, you have to go through the left side board, since there are nails there that will allow you to climb. We advise you to use the Daredevil Mutation, and to pay close attention to the gaps between the planks of the bench and the table. The fall will be long if you take a false step.

After crossing, climb on the cooler. Hit the red button with a Level 2 hammer to swing the handle onto the table. You can now climb to the top, well done!


The Minotaurs and Myrmidons board game awaits you on site, with a Research Station, and the zip line that leads to the Sandbox, when you have repaired it with silk thread.

Grounded Minotaur Labyrinth Key: Where to find it?

In order to open the chest at the end of the maze of the picnic table, you have to get your hands on a very well hidden key. Here is a guide with all the explanations and the prerequisites to be fulfilled. the effort is worth it, with a BURG.L Chip and a Mega Milk Molar as a reward.

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