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Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Advanced Guide

Hearthstone Battlegrounds
Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Advanced Guide

The new Hearthstone Battlegrounds game mode has been a huge success since the beta opened on November 12, 2019. However, tactics and strategies may still be unclear for beginners. Here is a guide to get started and understand how to make the right decisions.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Advanced Guide

The new Battlegrounds game mode has been available on Hearthstone since November 2019. Since then, it has become a real competitive alternative to all those who ignore the ladder or simply for those who want some fresh air. However, it's not easy to understand right away what are the right moves and basic strategies. Hearthstone: Battlegrounds is a whole new way of playing the game and this guide is here to explain the logic of the gameplay. Some basics of the game are necessary for this guide if you are totally new to the game, here is our beginner's guide!

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Choose your Hero

This is the first crucial moment of the game. Most strategies are decided at the selection of the hero. Of course, there are some that are more powerful, more interesting and more fun to play than others. However, sometimes you don't have much choice and the three heroes you are offered will be at the bottom of the Tier List. That's why the rest of this guide will focus on helping you aim for the top four regardless of the hero you choose.


Early game

First turn

Round 1 is always the same. It consists of buying a minion before your first duel. There's nothing complicated here. Even if many will privilege the selection of the Wrath Weaver to elaborate a Demon type board, it does not appear every time. Very often you have to think that the minions chosen here will be used to be recycled later or to make an interesting triple, which will also have a good chance of being recycled.

It is more relevant to choose minions who will make another one appear, such as the Alleycat or the Murloc Tidehunter. The benefit of having one more minion on turn 1 allows you to purchase two on turn 3: by selling one of them, you will reach 6 golds and be able to purchase two minions instead of one. If they are not available, it is better to take a minion with good stats to compensate for being behind in the future by winning duels right away.

This selection logic already prepares you for your future rounds. A minion who brings up another minion usually has low stats and loses the duel against a single minion such as the Rockpool Hunter or the Vulgar Homunculus, but allows you to gain an advantage in turn 3 with an extra minion. On the other hand, choosing a minion with good stats allows you to cover the gap you'll have on turn 3 by not losing any health points right away.

Second turn

Turn 2 is all about upgrading your tavern to level 2. It is essential to have quick access to the much more powerful Level 2 minions during turn 3. Only certain heroes, like Rafaam, Tirion or Dancin' Deryl can adopt a different strategy here thanks to his heroic power.

Third turn

If you have followed the tips so far, you should be able to purchase two level 2 minions. If this is the case, it is best to either choose minions with powerful stats or minions that can boost the one you already have on your team.

Fourth turn

Round 4 is the new turning point of the game. You have several choices. If you feel you are already ahead of your opponents, and no interesting minions are available, then you can upgrade the tavern and have access to level 3 minions. By doing so, there is a greater chance that you will lose your next duel, but this necessary sacrifice will allow you to access the most interesting minions before the others.

However, you can also decide to build up your advantage: buy two more minions to consolidate your board and arrive safely at round 5 with the option of upgrading your tavern while buying a minion. It is usually in these cases that you choose to make a triple in order to get a level 4 minion on turn 5. You can also use the freeze if you want to quickly upgrade your tavern but still have some interesting minions, or a triple that you would prefer to place after a level up.

Once this round is over, the early game will end. You should already have an idea of your strategy and the minions you need. Be careful, you should always take into account the available minions and the choices your opponents make. Don't forget that the tavern doesn't have an unlimited selection of minions. There is a good chance that you will be competing with one or more heroes because you will need the same ones. So don't hesitate to rethink your tactics, even if it means sacrificing good creatures for others who are just as strong or who may soon become just as strong. The advantage of the mid game and the late game that is coming up is the possibility to buy 3 or more minions each turn. It is also the most complex part of the game.

Round 5 with a triple and tavern level up - Hearthstone
Round 5 with a triple and tavern level up
Mid game - Hearthstone
Mid game

Mid game

After round 5, you should only have one thing in mind, to hold on to the Late Game and reach the top 4. You must not lose sight of your goals. Find the right minions to make triples or synergies that will significantly strengthen your board and/or upgrade your tavern to access key minions. These are the ones who really make the difference like Mama Bear if you play beast or Mal'Ganis if you play demon. Choosing the right time to upgrade your tavern is not always an easy task. The basic technique is to perform this action only when you feel you have the advantage, or when you feel you won't lose too many HP in the next duel; or when you make a triple that allows you to go for the powerful cards. Don't forget to rank up your tavern before you play your triples.
From now on, your build should be well established and if it is not the case, it is time to hurry before reaching turn 10.


Late game

Bravo, you've made it this far!

One by one, your opponents are eliminated and you're in the top 4. Usually, at this stage of the game, you know if you still have a chance to reach the first place. You've already faced your opponents and you've had time to understand their strategy and what your strengths and weaknesses were in relation to their board. Your build is solid. All that remains is to consolidate it as you can or to choose the best cards according to your match up. For example, it is necessary to take the Zapp Slywick to counter a Baron Rivendare or Maexxna whose Toxicity will help you counter a big Demon board.

Don't forget to be very careful about the attack order of your minions. Deathrattle cards like Goldrinn, the Great Wolf, should be placed first because they serve as a buff for your other creatures, so they must die quickly. Minions with Toxicity must be placed immediately afterwards, as your Deathrattle minions should have crashed on the Divine shields of your opponents. Those with a passive, such as the Pack Leader or Soul Juggler, should be placed last to enjoy their effect for as long as possible. Finally, the provocation cards should be placed next to the minions with many health points, to avoid a cleave on one of your master cards.

All this will become natural with time. Experience comes with playing, so don't give up, persevere and soon the 4000 points should be far behind you.

Floating Watcher nerfs in Battlegrounds are live

Currently dominating the ladder, minions from the Demon type will be nerfed very soon! Murlocs, Beasts, Mechs all have shined in Hearthstone: Battlegrounds, but for now, using demons seem necessary to end in the top four.

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