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All recipes - TFT Set 3: Patch 10.16 Ready Items & Builds Cheat Sheet

TFT Set 3: Patch 10.16 Ready Items & Builds Cheat Sheet
All recipes
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In Teamfight Tactics, items are obtainable in loot-boxes of a different rarity as well as in the Carousel. However, most of the time you'll only drop components that you'll have to merge two by two to obtain combined items. To make your task easier, we compiled all the recipes below.

Keep in mind that a champion can only wear three items and that you can't get them back once they're given — unless you sell the champion that's wearing them.

The following recipes and item descriptions will be updated after each patch — so stay tuned!


BF Glaive

+ 15 Attack Damage

Chain Vest

+ 25 Armor

Giant Belt

+ 200 Health

Needlessly Large Rod

+ 20% Ability Power

Negatron Cloak

+ 25 Magic Resist

Recurve Bow

+ 15% Attack Speed

Brawler's Gloves

+ 10% Crit. Chance

+ 10% Dodge Chance


Combine with other items to add new Origins or Classes to your units.

Tear of the Goddess

+ 15 Starting Mana


Battlecast Plating

[This item has replaced the Demolitionist's Charge]

Wearer is also a Battlecast.


Blade of the Ruined King

Wearer is also a Blademaster.



Attacks heal for 45% of damage.


Blue Buff

[This item has replaced Seraph's Embrace]

After casting a spell, set your mana to 20. Unique.


Bramble Vest

Negates bonus damage from critical hits for wearer.

When hit by a basic attack, thorns hit nearby enemies up to once every 2.5 seconds.

Damage scales with star level (80/120/160).


Celestial Orb

Wearer is also a Celestial.


Chalice of Power

[This item has replaced the Chalice of Harmony]

At start of combat, the holder and their left and right neighbors gain 30 AP for 20 seconds.


Dark Star's Heart

Wearer is also a Dark Star.



On a kill or assist, gain an additional 25 Attack Damage until end of combat (Stacks infinitely and starts with 1).


Dragon Claw

Gain 50% resistance to magic damage.


Force of Nature

Gain +1 team size.


Frozen Heart

Adjacent enemies' attack speed is slowed by 50%. (Stacking increases radius)


Giant Slayer

Deal 20% bonus true damage. If enemy max Health is over 1750, deal 80% bonus true damage instead.


Guardian Angel

Wearer revives with 400 health.


Guinsoo's Rageblade

Attacks grant 4% attack speed (stacks infinitely).


Hand of Justice

On round start, either gain 50% more damage or grants 50% healing from damage done by both abilities and basic attacks.


Hextech Gunblade

Heal for 45% of all spell damage dealt. Overhealing with this item generates a shield (max 400 Health).


Infiltrator's Talons

Wearer is also an Infiltrator.


Infinity Edge

+100% Critical Strike Chance and +20% Critical Strike Damage. [Can't be stacked]


Ionic Spark

Enemies within 3 hexes that cast a spell are zapped, taking magic damage equal to 225% their max mana and reducing their Magic Resist by 40% (does not stack).


Jeweled Gauntlet

Your spells can crit. Holder gains +30% Critical Strike Damage.


Last Whisper

When the wearer inflicts a critical hit, the target's armor is reduced by 75% for 3 seconds. Does not stack


Locket of the Iron Solari

At the start of combat, all champions within two spaces to the left and right of the wearer gain a 250/300/375 health shield for 7 seconds. Scales with Star Level


Luden's Echo

Spells deal 200 splash damage on hit.



Spells deal burn damage equal to 2.5% of the enemy's maximum health per second for 10 seconds. Reduces enemy healing by 50%.


Protector's Chestguard

Wearer is also a Protector.



The wearer is immune to crowd control for the first 10 seconds.


Rabaddon's Deathcap

+50% Ability Power.


Rapidifre Cannon

Attack range is doubled. Attacks cannot miss.


Rebel Medal

Wearer is also a Rebel.


Red Buff

Attacks deal burn damage equal to 10% of the enemy's maximum health over 4 seconds. Reduces enemy healing by 50%.



Wearer heals entire team for 800 hp on death.


Runaan's Hurricane

Attacks 1 extra target on attack. Extra attacks deal 75% damage.


Shroud of Stillness

At the start of combat, shoot a beam forward that causes all enemies hit to have their max mana increased by 40% until they cast once.


Spear of Shojin

After casting, wearer gains 15% of its max mana per attack.


Star Guardian's Charm

Wearer is also a Star Guardian.


Statikk Shiv

Every 3rd attack deals 85 magical damage to 3/4/5 targets. Scales with Star Level.

Statikk Shiv does an additional 85 True Damage if the target has a shield or is CC’d.



Attacks have a 33% chance to disarm for 3 seconds.


Thief's Gloves

This item takes all three item slots. On round begin, copy two random items.


Titan's Resolve

When wearer takes damage or critically hits, gain a 2% stacking damage bonus. Stacks up to 50 times at which point wearer gains 25 amor and magic resist.


Trap Claw

On combat begin, gain a spell shield. When it breaks, stun the champion who broke the shield.


Warmog's Armor

+600 Health

(With the base stats from the components, this item grants exactly 1000 Health.)


Zeke's Herald

Allies within 2 spaces to the left or right gain +30% attack speed.



On start of combat, banish an enemy for 5 seconds.


Zz'Rot Portal

Upon death, summon a Voidling with 1500/2250/3000 HP that taunts all nearby enemies


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Martin Langfeld 4 years ago

the description of Celestial Orb is wrong

Martin Langfeld 4 years ago

the description of Celestial Orb is wrong

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