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FFXIV How to Fly Guide

FFXIV How to Fly Guide

Are you tired to see people flying while you're stuck on the ground with your lovely mount in FF14? In this guide we'll cover the method to unlock flying in Final Fantasy XIV.

FFXIV How to Fly Guide

Unlocking the ability to fly in Final Fantasy XIV is quite easy once you get used to it, but can be quite confusing at first. With this guide we'll get you and your mount going, or should I say flying?

FFXIV Unlocking Flight

Once you have progressed enough in the story of Heavensward and completed the quest "Divine Intervention" you'll receive both a Black Chocobo Whistle and an Aether Compass.

This whistle will unlock a flying chocobo for you, but you can't fly just yet. In fact you'll need to attune to Aether Currents in every zone where flying is enabled. What are Aether Currents and how do you get them? Let's get to that right now.

FFXIV How to fly and Aether Currents - Final Fantasy XIV
FFXIV How to fly and Aether Currents

If you open your Aether Currents menu you will be able to see how many of them you still need to attune to in order to fly in the designated area. As you can see on the picture above, you have two types of Aether Currents. The orange one are rewards of both side quests and main story quests while the green are found using the Aether Compass you received.

To use the compass simply right click on it. The position of the closest Aether Current will then be displayed, you'll just need to get there and right click on those.

Advice on Aether Currents

My advice for the Aether Currents related to quests would be to first do all the blue quests you see that gives them as reward and if you still miss an Aether Current, progressing in the MSQ.

Once you're attuned to every current, you're ready to set off!

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SScarfolk 3 years ago

Sorry just one thing about the title. It's 'lovely' not loevely.

SScarfolk 3 years ago

Sorry just one thing about the title. It's 'lovely' not loevely.

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