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Valheim Guide: Trolls, where to find them and how to craft armor

Valheim Guide: Trolls, where to find them and how to craft armor

Trolls are particularly nasty, but their hides make for some great armor. Here’s our guide on how to find them and craft armor.

Valheim Guide: Trolls, where to find them and how to craft armor

You’ll undoubtedly come across a Troll or three in the Black Forest, in Valeheim – these 25 foot tall creatures can do a fair bit of damage.

Trolls also drop a fair amount of loot – although Troll Caves are full of Yellow Mushrooms, Coins, Amber, Amber Pearls, and even some basic resources so make sure you thoroughly search any caves you come across.


  • Jog away from the troll – around 20 to 30 feet, don’t run!
  • Use your bow to shoot arrows at the troll as it gets closer to you
  • Repeat jogging and shooting to keep the troll at a distance.
  • If the troll gets too close run – don’t jog – to create a distance again.

How to Craft Troll Armor

You’ll unlock the recipe for armor once you’ve picked up the first loot drop.


Materials required


5 x Troll Hide, 3 x Bone Fragment


5 x Troll Hide


5 x Troll Hide


10 x Troll Hide, 10 x Bone Fragment

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