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How to get Treasure Maps every day in FFXIV

How to get Treasure Maps every day in FFXIV

Treasure Maps are a great way to farm gils in FFXIV and here's our guide on how to get them easily every day.

How to get Treasure Maps every day in FFXIV

You might be looking for a method to make Gils in Final Fantasy XIV and this guide will be a good starter as Treasure Maps can be a great source of income. Completing them can get you some rare materials on top of the guaranteed money but you can also choose to sell the maps directly if you don't want to bother exploring or if you don't have a party to do them with.

First of all, you can get a free map once every eighteen hours, the timer can be checked with all the others by pressing the corresponding shortcut.

FFXIV Treasure map Guide - Final Fantasy XIV
FFXIV Treasure map Guide

FFXIV Treasure Maps — Which map should you get

Currently, only two maps are really worth your efforts, as you should only focus on eight players maps that can open a portal.

The two interesting 8-players maps that I'd advise getting are:

  • The Timeworn Zonurskin Maps (level 80)
  • The Timeworn Gazelleskink Maps (level 70)
FFXIV How to get Zonurskin maps - Final Fantasy XIV
FFXIV How to get Zonurskin maps

FFXIV How to get Treasure Maps

Getting a Treasure map is really simple as you'll only need to have a leveled gatherer (I'd advise Miner or Botanist as it's way easier to get them like that than as fisher).

You will then be able to collect your maps from the nodes of the corresponding level. You may gather them in any zone but if you're looking for maps that are quite close to the teleport points here are my personal preferences.

  • Timeworn Zonurskin Maps: Lakeland
  • The Timeworn Gazelleskink: The Lochs
FFXIV Treasure maps location - Final Fantasy XIV
FFXIV Treasure maps location

Getting your map or not depends on your luck so you might need to try a few nodes before you see it.

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