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How to get your first mount in FFXIV

How to get your first mount in FFXIV

If you've just started Final Fantasy XIV or its free trial, getting your personal chocobo can be easily missed. With this guide, be sure not to miss the My Little Chocobo quest.

How to get your first mount in FFXIV

Getting started in Final Fantasy XIV can be tricky for newcomers due to the many things to do at the same time, the interface to learn and the ever-present story. So much so that you could quickly miss quests by accident, including the one unlocking your first mount: your personal chocobo.

Unlocking your first chocobo is rather simple, in fact you will first have to climb to around level 20 (it all depends on the number of side quests and dungeon that you will have completed before) and to finish the corresponding quest making you face and defeat Ifrit.

Once Ifrit is defeated, you will need to join a large company. The choice does not matter but once welcomed in your company, a new quest will be available. You can now accept "My Little Chocobo" from:

  • Limsa Lominsa: R'ashaht Rhiki (X: 13.1 Y: 12.8)
  • Gridania: Vorsaile Heuloix (New Gridania X: 9.7 Y: 11.1)
  • Ul'dah: Swift Ryder (Steps of Nald X: 8.4 Y: 8.9)

To complete this quest you will need to get a chocobo license. This is available for purchase from your company vendors for 200 Company Seals.

If you don't have these seals yet, a few tips: Completing FATEs or Company Objectives will be more than enough to get these 200 seals.

Your own chocobo can now be used as a mount in addition to fighting alongside you in the future, you will also be able to use the rest of your mounts without additional quests.

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