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How to Unlock all the logos actions in FFXIV Guide

How to Unlock all the logos actions in FFXIV Guide

There are 56 logos actions in Final Fantasy XIV one you get into Eureka and gathering them all is needed if you want to get your shiny elemental armor. Here is our guide on how to unlock every Logos Actions using the tracker.

How to Unlock all the logos actions in FFXIV Guide

Eureka might not be the newest content in Final Fantasy XIV but it is still very relevant. In fact, between glamour items, relic weapons and armors but also a great deal of Gils, Eureka still shines as farming zone and great deal of entertainment.

Starting Pyros players will be introduced to a new mechanic: The Logos Actions.

If you already went in Bozja and worked towards Dalriada and Delubrum Reginae you must be familiar with the Lost Actions that you obtain by scanning crystals obtained by various means. The Logos Actions are the older brother of those.

The big difference is that every action is either obtained by scanning a logogram or by fusing two or more logos actions together to make a stronger one. In total there are 56 actions.

There are two milestones in unlocking Logos actions:

  • 50 unique actions will unlock the first tier of the Elemental armor that is bought in Pagos
  • 56 unique actions will unlock the shiny version of the Elemental Armor that u'll get in Hydatos.

FFXIV Unlock Every Logos Actions with the Tracker

Different logos actions are made from fusing other actions but the base of the system is simple: you need to scan logograms.

There are nine types of logograms:

  • Conceptual
  • Fundamental
  • Offensive
  • Protective
  • Curative
  • Tactical
  • Inimical
  • Mitigative
  • Obscure

The most needed one are the Conceptual and Fundamental and thankfully there are the cheapest one. Why am I talking about prices? Because all the logograms are purchasable from the market board.

To be fair, you could go and loot every logograms you need in Eureka but the best way of unlocking every logos actions is to buy them on the market board. Getting all 56 logos actions took me around one hour and 300,000 gils so it really is not that expensive if you check different servers.

But how to keep track of what actions you still need to unlock and what are the recipes? We got you covered.

Noranda created a website dedicated to Eureka that includes spawn of FATEs and of course: Logograms.

Once you're on the website you will be able to see logograms, go there and you will then see the exact same inventory as you have in the game but with a list of all the logograms. I'd advice to sort the logograms by default so that they are in the same order than in the game.

You can then click on the grey squares to see the recipes for your logos actions and keep track of how many you need. The website saves your progress using cookies so make sure to enable those for this one at least.

How to get the Eureka Elemental shiny Armor in FFXIV Guide

Farming Eureka in Final Fantasy XIV is quite popular while we wait for Endwalker and this guide will help you get the Hydatos Elemental Relic Armor, from logos actions to Hydatos crystals.

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Baldesion is the final step of Eureka in Final Fantasy XIV and is introduced as a 56 players raid inside of the last zone of Eureka: Hydatos. Here's our complete guide on how to unlock Baldesion.

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