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FFXIV: Miner Leveling Guide for level 80 to 90 in Endwalker

Final Fantasy XIV : Endwalker
FFXIV: Miner Leveling Guide for level 80 to 90 in Endwalker

Leveling your gatherers is the first step to an easy life through our Final Fantasy XIV crafting guides and here's how you can quickly get your miner up to level 90.

The new expansion for Final Fantasy XIV has brought many changes to the game and while you enjoy the story leveling your gatherers and crafter can be very useful too. Be it for money or crafting your own gear, furniture and food being your own crafter is really helpful.

In this guide we'll check how you can level-up your Miner in a few different ways.

Leveling guide for Miner from 80 to 90

First of all, please remember to use your manuals to get more exp from gathering, I'd advice to get the manuals bought from 30 white scrips as they give the same bonus as the expensive one but just last a shorter time.

There are a few ways you can level-up your gathering job and here's what you can do:

  • Levequests: From my experience this is the quickest way you can get your gatherer to 90 if you still have allowances. You will be able to get them in Sharlayan and I'd advice to always only take the two levequests that give the most experience out of the three. The better your gear, the easiest they get.
  • Collectables: You will be able to get those from timed nodes and as one item at max collectability can give you more than a million experience, using this method is really quick if you're timing's good
  • Gathering market board items: The easiest way to that is to use the buff mentionned before and check what material is used during crafting collectables. These items are on high demand right now so you can either stock them to craft with it while your level-up your crafters or sell them.

Two other ways to get some more experience can also be used in addition of the others but will not be enough to go from 80 to 90 alone:

  • Sharlayan quests: Just like in Crystarium you'll be able to turn in specific collectables related to a story and get some experience
  • Daily Grand Company delivery: A very good way to get a few millions exp everyday that you can check in your timers menu.

What technique did you use to level-up your gatherers? We're very open for some other ways so please don't hesitate to share them in the comment section below!

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