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FFXIV: Shared FATEs rewards list for all ranks in Thavnair

Final Fantasy XIV : Endwalker
FFXIV: Shared FATEs rewards list for all ranks in Thavnair

If you're looking to get all your shared FATEs up to rank 3 to unlock the special shop in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, here's the complete list of what you can buy with Bicolore Gemstones in Thavnair.

Shared FATEs are the only way you can obtain Bicolore Gemstones to purchase exclusive rewards and crafting materials in Final Fantasy XIV. With the release of the new expansion Endwalker new Shared FATEs made it to the game and you will once again need to clear 66 of them to get your rank to level max in each zone.

Once you get to rank 3 you'll have access to special items in each map's shop but also get access to a global shop in both Radz-at-Han and Sharlayan that sells all the items from other zones on top of exclusive rewards.

In this guide we'll check all the items you can buy with Bicolore Gemstones from Thavnair. The shop can be opened by talking to Mahveydah (X: 25.8 Y: 34.6)

FFXIV Endwalker: Shared FATEs Rewards List in Thavnair

Item Name


Bicolore Gemstones Cost

Gaja Hide



Kumbhira Skin



hamsa Tenderloin






Thavnair Riding Map



Divine Words Orchestrion Roll



Thavnarian Dhow



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