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Lost Ark: Here's the Complete Interactive Map

Lost Ark: Here's the Complete Interactive Map

Can't find your way or a specific item in Archesia? Don't panic, we've got you covered with one of Lost Ark's best documented interactive maps.

Archesia is vast and there are so many points of interest that it can seem difficult to find your way around a world as huge as that of Lost Ark.

Fortunately, players have created an interactive map that is very easy to use: you just have to hover the cursor over an icon to see its name and a lot of detail, the level of object required to access a given area. for example. Better still, by clicking on said icons, you then enter a sub-map of the area displaying a detailed map of it.

Only downside: it is in English. Is this really a problem? Not necessarily, especially in the era where more and more players seem to tend to play with the English version of the games!

  • Complete interactive map of Lost Ark
The world map of Archesia - Lost Ark
The world map of Archesia
The Ozhorn Hills map, one of Yudia's subzones - Lost Ark
The Ozhorn Hills map, one of Yudia's subzones
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