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Deserted cave Elden Ring: how to get the golden scarab?

Deserted cave Elden Ring: how to get the golden scarab?

Are you looking for the famous golden scarab on Elden Ring, but you can't find the deserted cave that hides this talisman? In this guide, we give you all the steps to follow to obtain this object.

If you're looking for the Golden Scarab, this guide may help you find it, as the dungeon that holds this talisman happens to be particularly well hidden, even if you've searched the Underworld thoroughly on Elden Ring.

Where is the deserted cave that contains the Golden Scarab?

The Deserted Cave is in Caelid , the third region of the game. The dungeon is not very easy to find, because you will have to go through a small passage made of roots that is not obvious.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Starting from the "Blazing Wall" grace site, head east and take the small path to the right which will be below just after the giant dog and the iron maiden. Go through the roots that will be on your right and you will be in the deserted cave.

Where to find the Gold Scarab in the Deserted Cave?

The Gold Scarab is not an item you can find on the ground in the dungeon, no, it will be your reward for defeating the instance boss.

The Deserted Cave is a dungeon that will require a lot of concentration; you will be immersed in a miasma of putrefaction, so it will be more than necessary to have immunizing pellets on you. Fortunately, there will be no Iron Maiden, only poisoners, rats and a giant Miranda.

Even if the adversaries are relatively simple to approach, the difficulty comes down to the discovery of the cave. Therefore, we advise you to prepare meatballs beforehand and to have a high enough level to pass this dungeon. Try this dungeon after having done the Caelid from top to bottom, you will probably be able to get out of it without too much difficulty.

As you ascend through the dungeon, you'll need to dodge the geysers that erupt from the ground, as they'll deal a heck of a lot of damage. But in order to avoid a painful discovery of the dungeon, here is the path to take.

Elden Ring

The path leading to the boss room

Once in the dungeon, jump directly to the left and take the path on the left, watch out for the first geyser, it could be fatal to you.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring

There's a good chance you'll be struck by Scarlet Rot as you pass Marika's effigy, so take a short break to consume an Immune Pellet. Once you have removed the debuff, jump off the rock to fall directly on the carcass of the Iron Maiden and go directly to the right. You will come across a poisoner, but you can very well ignore it.

Then continue your ascent, taking care to ignore your opponents or kill them. When you have arrived at the room where the big Miranda is waiting for you, take the right path, kill the two poisoners and go through the small cavity on the right. At this point, you'll be right next to the boss room, so pause to pick up an Immune Pellet.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring

While the path was relatively simple to pass (with knowledge of the path), things will get complicated with the boss since it is a Valkyrie of Noble Rot. During your fight, a second valkyrie will arrive to assist the other.

They are quite dangerous, especially at low levels. Luckily, it's possible to flinch them quite easily with powerful attacks. Watch out for their impaling technique, as well as their fearsome holy spells. Also note that the boss room has a scarlet river, so be careful with your placements, as the scarlet rot will nibble away at your life shamelessly. In case of victory, you will receive the coveted talisman.

Elden Ring

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